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Friday Flowers: Grocery Store Arrangement, Roses

There have been such gorgeous flowers at the grocery store lately. I love to buy three or four small $4 bouquets and turn them into something beautiful. I know flowers don’t do it for some folks, but they make me so happy. The color, the texture, the shapes–I love them. The joy that I get out of seeing them for a week is more than worth the few lattes that they cost me. When you go the grocery store route, you can avoid the really expensive flower shop bouquet (which of course has its wonderful time and place), but is simply too much cash for me on a regular basis!
The recipe for my version of a beautiful grocery store bouquet is simple. Start with the stunner flower. This is the big, beautiful-to-look-at beauty. In this case, these lovely peach roses.
Next, pick out something that can stick out of your arrangement in a graceful manner. In this case, the snap dragons do the trick. Snap dragons always have an interesting curve or turn that makes them catch the eye.
Then, you need a filler. I love Astromeria for this, They are pretty, but cheap! And, they last forever.
I like to put the flowers in this little white milk pitcher I have. The oblong mouth allows the bouquet to fall out one side a bit, adding a graceful asymmetrical feel to the whole piece. Trim the leaves that will be below the water line and clip the ends freshly. Vary the height just a tad so they spill out in one direction. I evenly spread the filler into the vase. Then, I place the stunners throuhout, though I tend to group them together a bit so the eye has a place to rest. After that, I add the graceful line flowers (cut taller so they stick out farther) in just the right spots to pull the eye out and make the bouquet feel expansive.
Ahhh, there, this little corner feels so nice to me. This is a lovely photo of my three kiddos from my brother’s wedding from a few years back. Love them all in white! Then, the gorgeous painting behind is Christina Baker, whose work I adore! Happy Friday.

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