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Gone Knitting

I did two extraordinary things during my vacation. First, I didn’t write a blog post for almost two weeks! That’s the longest break I’ve had between posts since I started blogging. I was a little concerned that my readers might start departing, but, you know what, I think I needed the space. It was like a deep breath, and isn’t that what vacations are all about? Second, I spent a good chunk of my vacation knitting a sweater . . . for myself! I guess I should have told you two weeks ago that I had Gone Knitting.

With all the changes going on in my life, I think I really needed to feel like a normal person on a normal beach vacation–fun in the sand, lots of ice cream, giggles with the kids, and some good ol’ knitting. That’s just what I did.

I haven’t knit a sweater for myself since I was 7 years old. This boggles some people’s mind, because I knit a LOT. For years (fifteen or so), all I did was knit gifts for others–mainly baby gifts. There’s been a lot of baby-having in my crowd in the last fifteen years. Then, two years ago, I sat next to and met my dear friend, Camille, at Squam. She makes gorgeous things for herself, and I was completely inspired.

Since then (yes, it was two years ago!), I had planned to make this Louisa Harding sweater dress called “desire,” or something with a fabulous madtosh merino light yarn called “happiness,” or this gorgeous Gudrun Johnston sweater called Laar (“light breeze”) using this stunning hand-dyed paprika lace-weight yarn from Jill Draper. Unfortunately, there always seemed to be too much other “stuff” to do to even bother starting. Those bigger “me” projects kept getting pushed aside, as doing things for ourselves is wont to do.

On the first day of my vacation, I popped into the local yarn shop in Nantucket called Flock. It was completely adorable and full of yummy things. While browsing, it hit me. I knew just what to do. I knew of a simple sweater I could make for myself on vacation in one week. It was a challenge I would set for myself (okay, I know that doesn’t sound very vacationy). Still, it felt like a contained space and I would walk away from vacation with my very own hand knit sweater. This felt so indulgent to me that I just had to do it. I’ve been admiring Laura’s Cap Sleeve Lattice Top since I first saw it on the Purl Bee. It fit the task perfectly. Isn’t it cute?

Photo from the Purl Bee
I could do almost all of the knitting mid-conversation or mid-kiddo-watching without even thinking. I used a gorgeous Anzula worsted weight yarn called Grace for the body, along with Appalachian Baby Design organic cotton for the top. I adjusted the stitch count, as Laura made it in a sport weight, but using the worsted made the knitting fly by!

Did I do it? you ask. Did I finish the sweater while on vacation? You know what? I almost did. We got back last night, and I literally have four rows left as I write this now. That’s it. I think I’ll go do it right now.

A photo journal of Nantucket will be coming soon, along with a fun Squam giveaway! Lots more crazies coming up though – we’re off to Baltimore next week to look at schools, neighborhoods, houses, etc. Lots of real work squeezing in everywhere around the edges. Posting might get a bit sporadic in the next few months. I might come regret my vacation time indulgence with so much to do, but as soon as I put that cute top on, I really truly think I won’t!

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