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Squam 2012 and A Special Offer!

I didn’t realize how much my trip to Squam Art Workshops over a month ago was the calm before the storm for me. Because of the moving across the country shocker and all it entails, I haven’t even had a chance to tell you about Squam weekend or share my photos. Truly, I had no idea how much I would need that deep breath that Squam provides–with friends, on the docks, in the woods, making and creating–with all the hectic-ness that fills my days right now. Today, I finally share my Squam experience with you AND give you a special offer from the Squam Store!

Squam is held at a beautiful camp on Squam Lake just outside of Holderness, New Hampshire. It’s that kind of camp you remember from your childhood, with slamming screen doors and twisty, pine needle-covered paths through the woods, with the sound of water lapping against the docks and the smell of burning wood in the fireplaces. I thought that this, my second year, would be different than the first, but it wasn’t really. The weekend was absolutely as lovely as last year, it just felt more comfortable–like that cozy go-to sweater you always choose first out of your closet.

I rediscovered magic on the docks.

I felt soothed by the quiet cabins,
and charmed by the quaint vignettes.
I reveled in the camaraderie around the fire,and found doors opening onto new opportunities and possibilities.

The bursts of creativity everywhere you looked always made me smile.

I experienced amazing instructors that inspired me every which way,

but also found moments to be alone with my thoughts,

or just sink into relaxation and appreciate having time to do my favorite things.
I found a place to tell stories and laugh with dear friends I absolutely adore.

Most importantly, though, I fed my soul in a community of people who value the same things as I.

In the weeks that I am facing, more than ever, I’ll need to be reminded of the calm and joy of my time at Squam. That is why I am thrilled that the wonderful artist Heather Renz created these beautiful sachets filled with the lovely, piney scent of Squam.

Photo by Christine Chitnis
Each sachet is printed with a word (quiet* woods* light*). I think I may just sleep with 10 of them under my pillow so I can forget about that list of things to do and dream about Squam during the blissful hours of sleep I manage to get.
Elizabeth and Michelle have kindly allowed me to offer a special to my readers. Every person who purchases a sachet this weekend is eligible to win a bonus sachet for free. The winner of the additional sachet will be surprised when they open their package and find a lovely extra! Feeling lucky today?
Photo by Christine Chitnis

Bring your own little piece of Squam into your home. Or, buy one to hold the promise of those wonderful moments that are sure to come next year!

Photo by Christine Chitnis

xo, anne

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