Handmade Hand Looms from Flax & Twine

Handmade hand looms are perfect for beginners and experienced weavers who are looking for a compact loom. Even though they’re small, they hold so much potential. Makers use them to create beautiful pieces of art – from wall hangings to jewelry to coasters. It’s such a versatile tool!

I’m thrilled to announce that I have a brand new hand loom made just for Flax & Twine. Beautifully made tools make me so happy and I’m so pleased to have a tool I designed available for you in my shop.

This beautiful little loom is lovingly crafted by hand out of cherry and measures 8" X 8.5". It comes with a weaving needle, beater, shed stick, sample warp thread, and instructions on how to warp your loom. I hope you love it as much as I do!

My book, Weaving Within Reach, features several patterns that use hand looms. This loom is a replacement for the Hokett Would Work Loom, which I used for multiple projects but is not being made anymore.

I plan on making so many projects with this handy little loom and I’m coming up with fun kits for the shop. The first kit that is available is for these beautiful coasters from Weaving Within Reach. The kit includes a gorgeous skein of Eco-Butterfly Linen and it is available in so many amazing colors! I’m sure there’s a color that is perfect to add a pop of color to your table.

I can’t wait to see what you create! Tag me on Instagram (@flaxandtwine) to show me what you’re making with your Flax & Twine Handmade Hand Looms.

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