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Head Over Heels . . . Natural Bags

I adore natural woven bags – they can be crocheted, knit, woven, you name it. I always get an urge to whip one up myself. I love the textural quality of the fabric. Yellow’s been popping up everywhere as a fun sunny accent, too. Oh my! I’d take any of these, but the number 01 clutch I love most of all. These are perfect for every summer outfit in my book.

1) Raffia Clutch With Ball Clasp (Sold Out)
2) Kaylan Clutch
3) Sun Phase Raffia Clutch
4) Ombre Woven Clutch
5) Mar Y Sol Havana Tote
6) Raffia Bag from Style Shop
7) Jada Large Tote
8) Collection of Straw Bags

Didn’t get enough? Here are more that I love:

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