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How To Block a Sweater with Eucalan Delicate Wash

How to Block A Sweater

I’ve been through a little bit more than I expected over the last month. First, an upper respiratory infection and then, throwing my back out have had me down for the count. I’ve been flat on my back on the couch. It has been frustrating. One bright side, however, was getting all the knitting done on a new chunky sweater – so satisfying.

I wanted to use the finished sweater as an opportunity to share how to block a sweater using the delicate fabric wash, Eucalan. I’m in love with this soap and can’t wait to start washing all my delicates in it. I’m going to take you through how to block a sweater with Eucalan step by step below.

This post is sponsored by Eucalan, but all opinions are my own.

How to Block A Sweater with Eucalan Delicate Soap

First, did you know it’s best to block your sweater in parts? That way you know the actual shape of the pieces before you sew them together. Next, blocking does wonders for wool, especially! When you soak wool in water, the fiber blooms and fills out. Finally, you’ll find uneven stitches will magically disappear and the wool will look extra luscious.

How to Block A Sweater

How to Block a Sweater:

  1. Add a couple of teaspoons of Euaclan to a tub of cool/tepid water. Let the soap dissolve. Breathe deeply!
  2. Add your knit pieces and submerge them in the water (do not agitate them).
  3. Let your knit pieces soak for about 30 minutes.
  4. Pick up each piece and squeeze the water out of the piece (don’t wring or twist). With Eucalan, there’s no need to rinse out the soap – I love that!
  5. Lay each piece down on a towel, roll the towel and the knit item at the same time to soak up extra water.
  6. Lay each piece down on a fresh towel (on a blocking board is best). If you don’t need specific measurements, I find the knits dry faster on a towel.
  7. Smooth out your piece to desired dimensions, organizing the stitches as neatly as possible as you lay them out. Use t-pins if you need to stretch or hold the the knit to a specific size.
  8. Finally, let your pieces dry.

This method is not the only way to block knits. Here’s a shortcut alternative here.

How to Block A Sweater

The Eucalan soap smells delicious. I used the Eucalyptus scent, but it also comes in Grapefruit, Unscented, Lavender, and Jasmine. I’m super sensitive to chemical fragrance but was not bothered at all by this soap. Scented with essential oil, it doesn’t have the harsh overwhelming smell of many scented things. I like using the Eucalyptus because it is a natural moth and flea inhibitor, so it is perfect to protect my lovely handmade knits. Each scent has its own qualities. You can buy a combo pack here or find larger bottles here.

How to Block A Sweater

Doesn’t the pile look so pretty? I’m so excited to put this sweater together. It’s all so soft and cozy. I can’t recommend Eucalan enough. First, the company has been around for 25 years. Second, the lovely smell and the no-rinse formula have won me over. I plan on washing all my delicates in it from now on (that is when I get around to it!) Does anyone else have the pile of delicates waiting and waiting for a wash?

How to Block A Sweater with Euacalan Delicate Wash

Finally, I should be getting back in the swing of things around here. I’ll have a bunch of fun posts for you through the holiday season! Looking forward to sharing some good fibery goodness!

How To Block A Sweater

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