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I’m going to interrupt the regular programming (or irregular as the case may be) to let you all know that what has been showing up on my blog lately is not necessarily the norm. This is the keep-my-head-above-water-any-way-I-can version. In other words, with the fabulous finger and arm knitting book I’m working on, my blog posting has shrunk down to the bare minimum, who-have-I-made-a-commitment-to-and-have-to-follow-through-for-right-now sort of list. Lately, that has meant likely too much programming linked to other commercial brands (none of which has been sponsored, by the way) with a lot of dead space in between. I follow through on my external commitments, but personal desires are easier to let drop.

There are SO many talented people out there and lovely artists and makers to share with you. I want to and plan on bringing much more of that to you in the near future. You and I both are missing new patterns, trends I’m Head Over Heels with, the latest accomplishment from my Finish Fifty list, cool If I Had More Hours projects, and lots of other lovely things that have Caught My Eye. I promise I’ll get back there. I have to admit, it has been very tough to balance family life with the work of the book and the work of the blog. Does anyone else find it challenging? The good news is, I’m on the first round of edits on the manuscript with great feedback from my editor, which is super exciting. I’m nearing the finish line! Will you hang in there with me? Please say yes!

PS. I made this gorgeous wreath last April at a Sweet Paul event :). Lots of love from here!

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