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DIY Locker Decorations: Wooden Frames + Notepad

locker decor-2692

DIY Locker Decorations! It’s back to school time! I don’t know what it is about September that makes me so happy. It could be my birthday that comes at the end of the month, but somehow I feel the promise of everything come September. I feel organized and ready to start anew. It’s time for newly sharpened pencils and blank notebooks and the confidence that I WILL accomplish everything on my to-do list. I know it won’t last forever (maybe a week?) but the feeling of it always brings me such hope. I guess I always did love going back to school.

To celebrate, I’ve designed a whole bunch of DIY Locker Decorations in a gorgeous (my favorite, of course) color palate. Here’s what you can look forward to this week:

DIY Locker Decorations Part I: Hand Punched Wooden Frames & Notepad & Painted Letter
DIY Locker Decorations Part II: Beaded “Hello” Mirror & Mini Cork Bulletin Board and Thumb Tacks
DIY Locker Decorations Part III: Custom Colored Glass White Board & Pencil Cup

Let’s start the locker decorations series with the magnetic frames and notepad. I can’t tell you how excited I got when I realized how easy it was to make these two projects.

wooden accessories darker-2630

I must admit, I love getting that box of goodies from Martha Stewart every month (for the 12 Months of Martha program which you can read about here). I adore making something fabulous with it all. In this box, was a beautiful flower frame punch. I did some experimenting with it and was thrilled to find out in can punch through 1/16" thick Balsa wood. It looks like its laser cut wood without any of the trouble! Well, that started this whole ball rolling and what fun I had!

DIY Magnetic Wood Punched Frames

-1 4×6" and 1 4×4" piece of 1/16" x 4" Balsa Craft Wood
-Adhesive Magnets
Martha Stewart Frame Border Punch
-Photos to size

DIY Locker Decorations

:: For the frames, cut a piece of balsa wood in your desired size (I did one that was 4×6" and one at 4×4").
:: Use the Martha Stewart Punch and the inside border function of the punch. I love how this thing works!
:: The punch will fray/chip the balsa wood a little more on one side. Plan on displaying the other side of the wood.
:: Tape an appropriately sized photo against the back of the wood. Add some adhesive magnetic strips, and they’re ready to hang!

DIY Magnetic Wood Punched Notepad

-1 4×5" piece of 1/16" x 4" Balsa Craft Wood
Martha Stewart Frame Border Punch
-Adhesive magnets
-White Printer paper (cut to 3×4 size)
-Mini Hole Punch
-Craft knife
-10" of 3/8" ribbon

DIY Locker Decorations

:: Cut a piece of balsa wood to 4×5". Punch along the edge of the balsa wood with the Martha Stewart Border Frame Punch. Cut a stack of printer paper to 3×4". Punch holes in the paper at 1" in from either side.
:: Punch the balsa wood at 1.5" in from either side. I used the stack of punched paper as a guide. Punch with the right side of the notepad away from you as your punch may leave a dent.
:: Use needle and ribbon to string through wood and paper.
:: Tie a knot and then a bow and trim ends of ribbon. Attach a magnet or two to the back. I suggest potentially punching one more hole in the paper that will be hidden by the ribbon. It might make it slightly easier to tear off each individual sheet of paper.

Painted Magnetic Letter

-Canvas Letter (from Michael’s, couldn’t find online)
-Adhesive Magnet
Martha Stewart Satin Acrylic Craft Paint in Pea Shoot
DIY Locker Decorations
:: Paint your favorite shade. Let dry. Adhere an adhesive magnet to the back.

And, I’m excited to say, this is only the beginning. Two more days of fabulous DIY Locker Decorations to come! Don’t forget to go check out #12monthsofmartha hashtag for all the amazing projects coming from the other 14 talented bloggers part of this team.

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