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baby bloomers

June's Purl Bee Baby Bloomers

Do you ever finish a project, like this gorgeous sweater,
and feel a desperate need to use up the remaining lovely yarn?

I just couldn’t bear throwing this beautiful Jill Draper Aurora Wool/Silk blend in the odds and ends basket. What to make with a little lace weight yarn, though?

My dear friend Amanda had twins on the way. This little one looks worthy of leftover yarn, no? Meet June . . .

I had seen Purl Bee’s baby bloomers and just couldn’t get them out of my mind. How audaciously luxurious for a little baby. Of course, there was no question. June absolutely had to have a pair of merino/silk baby bloomers! What baby doesn’t??
I had only my iphone with me on my visit to her, so bear with the photos. I thought I’d have a go at a my first .gif, always learning! Cute!
The bloomers were easy to make. The pattern was easy to follow and the project made for fabulous travel/sports practice knitting. What an adorable indulgence for the dearest of babes in your life. Give ’em go!

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