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Valentine's Day Photo Party Poppers

I love poppers at any time, but why not celebrate Valentines Day with a BANG! I’m also convinced that kids love nothing more than seeing their own faces–that and the face of their pets! This photo banner gives ’em a little something to walk away with to hang on their door or bulletin board. Though, really, let’s be honest, you may just find them hanging on the wall by my desk at the end of the day!
I’m thrilled for more than Valentine’s Day, though. It is officially time to announce something really exciting here for Flax & Twine. This year, I was chosen to be on the 12 Months of Martha team for Martha Stewart Crafts! I am so happy to be a part of this program this year.
Being on this team means that I get a big box of craft materials from Martha Stewart Crafts each month. Then, I get to make something fabulous with it and share the project with all of you! Sometimes, our projects will be shared on Martha Stewart, too. This month’s box was filled with lots Valentine’s Day goodies. I started making confetti right away. A punch and glitter paper, it’s hard to stop! Everything just started to roll and pop from there. I especially love the little scalloped trim maker. The punch can make a stand alone bit of scalloped heart trim, but I loved it as a sweet heart detail at the end of the poppers.
I can’t wait for them to pull these puppies on the 14th. I don’t think my kids have ever opened poppers before–it’s time! And now that I know how to make them myself, it certainly won’t be the last!
Making poppers is super easy. I broke the tutorial down to three steps to make this project simpler:
1) Make the Heart Confetti
2) Make the Photo Banner
3) Make the Popper
Go get to it and make this Valentine’s Day a morning you all will remember. Flying heart confetti and glitter, I’m there!

Materials for Heart Confetti
Martha Stewart Heart Confetti Punch
Glitter Paper
Irridescent Hearts and Stars Glitter

+ Use the heart confetti punch to make a whole pile of glittered heart confetti. Oh, how I love this. You can use foil or other decorative paper, too.
+ Mix in the iridescent heart glitter for that fun bit of shine and size variety! Set aside for later.

Materials for Photo Banner
Computer, Printer, and photos you love
White cardstock
Decorative paper (this one came from Martha Stewart Love Notes 12×12 Paper Pad)
Martha Stewart All Over The Page Circle Punch 1 1/2 inches
Martha Stewart Craft Glue
Sharpie Paint Pen
30" of colored twine or yarn

+ Print a bunch of your favorite photos at 2×3 inches in a grid. You can do this in Lightroom easily. There is a place on the right, in the print dialog box, under “layout,” where you can ask for a 3 x 5 grid – a snap. I assume photoshop has a similar tool.
+ Use the circle punch to punch out your favorite faces. I used the punch upside down so I could see what I was punching.

+ Once you have your stack of photo circles, use the same punch to cut out circles of decorative paper for your letters.
+ I used a pink paint pen by Sharpie and wrote a simple “i” “heart” “u”.
+ Organize the photos and letters how you want them on the banner. You want one for each side, like a coin. I wanted to do mine so that if the circles rotated, the photo would still be oriented up. To do this, from that middle picture, above, I simply flipped the bottom row down (so that if you were to lift up the face down circles, you would see the head or letters pointing down).
+ Apply glue to back of circles
+ Center 30" piece of twine across glued circles, making the space even between each circle. Don’ t forget to leave enough tail (6" on either end) for the popper.
+ Sandwich the twine between the bottom circle and the top circle. Press down on each circle to fix in place with two circles matching up.

To Make the Popper
Martha Stewart Double Edge Punch Scallop Heart Trim
Tissue Paper (two 8.5 x 12" pieces in contrasting colors)
Double sided tape
Toilet paper roll or popper tube
Cracker Snaps (I got mine here)

+ Cut two colors of tissue paper to 8.5 x 12" pieces
+ Use scallop heart punch to make decorative trim at the end of the outside color (with a punch and tissue paper, it helps to punch more than one piece at a time).
+ Cut toilet paper roll or popper tube in half.
+ Tape ends of photo banner to inside of tube, leaving enough twine to stick out the sides to be tied in the ends of the popper.

+ Stuff the photo banner inside the tube, leaving the twine ends sticking out (in later versions I left more of the twine sticking out so you can grab on to the twine more easily when you pull the popper).
+ Place the tube on the tissue length-wise. Tape the cracker snap to the tube.
+ Place double sided tape on the end of the tissue paper so that the roll will stay closed after it is rolled.
+ Gather one end of the popper, making sure the twine and the cracker snap come out the end, past where you’re tying. Secure with ribbon.
+ Turn the popper so the open side is up. Fill with confetti! YAY!
+ Tie the other end of the popper, again making sure the twine and cracker snap stick out past where you’re tying. Voila!

Now, make sure you tag them so you know whose popper is whose!

To see other 12 Months of Martha Team projects for this month, from lovely, lovely bloggers such as Studio DIY, Sugar + Cloth, You are My Fave, (such amazing company!) and many more, go check out the hashtag #12MonthsofMartha on Instagram and Twitter.

More news is a-coming, just you wait!

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