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Kathreen Ricketson - A Tragic Loss

I am in shock about the tragic news I just heard about Kathreen Ricketson and her husband Rob Shugg, who both died in a swimming accident off the coast of Australia last week. If any of you had the pleasure of working with Kathreen, you know what a wonderful, positive, talented and supportive person she was. From the beginning of this blog, she has been a cheerleader and friend, encouraging me every step of the way. I loved contributing to her craft magazine and blog and adored her to no end. The energy she put out in this world was huge. An enormous void in my heart cries out. The crafting community will miss her more dearly than I could ever put into words.

These behind-the-scene-photos of her last book crush my heart as I think about her two darling children, Otilija and Orlando. What amazing people they must be. I know that Kathreen and Rob have given them the strength, the character and the long-lasting love to make it through this tragic event. I cannot imagine it. I hold my three so close today as I think of the journey these two must travel. A trust fund for their future has been set up by friends. You can read more abut it here, or you can contribute to the fund via paypal to this address: Other ways to support Kathreen include purchasing her magazines or books, which are amazing and inspiring in so many ways.

Thank you, Kathreen, for your love, your passion and your spirit. I will miss you dearly.

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