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Reverse Embroidery Hoop Monogram DIY–a finish fifty project

I’ve been meaning to do this project for a while. I was inspired to create this embroidered monogram for Allie after seeing this pin, this post and finding this shop – you know how these things work, jumping from one thing to the next in a long hunt to find the original. Anyway, I never did track down a how-to, so I wanted to take a little twist on it and do a photo tutorial for my own version of this reverse embroidery.
The monogram is nestled in a display of embroidery hoops festooned in some great prints to make a big wall of fun in my daughter’s room for her room redo (more on that later).

Don’t let the complex look of this project fool you–truly, it is super simple. You need to know the back stitch for the letter outline, and really, that’s it. The rest of it is just random stitches. I think this project would make a great kids’ craft as it doesn’t really matter how the rest of the stitches are done. In some ways, the messier the stitches, the better.

A HUGE thanks to Lizzy House, whose beautiful fabric adorns almost every single hoop. These fabrics cover three or four of her collections, too. She’s so good at making it all work together! Can you tell the new colors in Allie’s room? bye-bye, pink–*sniff*

I will show you the before and after of her room soon. So excited to tell you that it is a feature in the upcoming Discovery Girls magazine. If you want to see it sooner, go get the June/July issue in stores any day now!

Oh, and you know this project coming off of that finish fifty list, big time!

Here are the DIY instructions for the Reverse Embroidery Hoop Monogram:

Embroidery hoop(s) (I used an 8" one for the last name initial and 6" hoops for the first and middle initial)
Embroidery floss (in desired color, I used 8 or so skeins for the three letters!)
Embroidery needle
Craft glue
Water soluble marking pen (or chalk pen)

Print out desired initial such that it will fit on hoop with 1/2 an inch to spare around all lines. Tape monogram onto bright window, with fabric on top. Transfer initial to fabric with a air-soluble fabric marker.

Using back stitch, trace the outline of the letter. Then, use random stitches for about 1/2" outside the outline of the letter to create a border of stitches.

Layer and overlap the random stitches as you go. Add outlier stitches further spaced out towards the outside edges of the border.

Pull the fabric in the hoop especially taut. Tighten the hoop. Trim the fabric around the hoop leaving about 1/2" all the way around. With craft glue, secure the fabric to the back of the hoop.

You’re ready to hang! Repeat for all desired letters. To make a whole display, simply use other coordinated fabrics in hoops of various sizes. I have a post for you with hints on how to hang the collection. Coming right up!

Happy stitching! xo, anne

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