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Kiwi Crate: A Review and Give Away!

I love to make things: yes
I love having my kids make things: yes
I love exploring creativity: yes
I hate mess: YES!!

So here is my paradox. I WANT my kids to explore their creativity, and paint, and cut, and mold clay, and feel water, and play in a sensory table. BUT, it is very hard for me to let them. Fabric, yarn and paper are easier. Paint, water and clay are harder. Ironically, even as a crazy maker, I have to force myself to give the kids opportunity to do these messier things.
So anything that makes the messy side of creativity easier is a wonderful thing. And, anything that comes pre-cut, pre-purchased, pre-portioned and can be done without thinking, arriving right at your door in a big green box is even better. I recently had the opportunity to experience Kiwi Crate, which is a subscription based service. For $19.95/month, Kiwi Crate will send a fun box to your doorstep bursting with themed creative goodies every month. You just supply the kiddo. Easy. If you’re smelling a giveaway, you’re right! keep reading.
At first, I was wary about doing a review and giveaway, as I have stupid high standards (ugh) and wouldn’t want to recommend anything I didn’t fall in love with. Jen, over at Kiwi Crate, had no worries about that, and I can see why. I was thrilled with Kiwi Crate, as were my kids. Here is what I loved . . .
1. How much do kids ADORE getting something in the mail?
2. It is brainless (sometimes this is nice). The ideas are beautifully designed and arrive with well described and clearly illustrated directions.
3. The crate comes with everything you need (except water and paper bag). No trip to the craft store necessary. As a working mom with tons of stuff on my plate, I REALLY appreciate this.
4. The quality of the materials was high. I’m not a big into plasticky and junky, and I loved the the look and feel of these materials – natural, solid, basic and fun stuff. We reused the paint cups for beads and the brushes are nice enough to use again.
5. The projects are filled with learning possibilities. We had a great time discussing the solar system in our house. Plus, the materials are flexible enough to rif on to make something else. The second project was a rocket, but we had a blast making all sorts of things with the materials.
6. The craft projects were scalable. Though designed for 3 to 7 year olds, my 9 year old loved the projects as much as my 6 year old, he just did everything much more carefully. ahh!

Truly, the Kiwi Crate was a blast. Thanks to everyone over there for letting us experience it. I can’t recommend it to you and your family enough.

Now, for the give away!

Head on over to Kiwi Crate and discover which crate you would love to win. Come back and leave a comment telling me which one and why.

For extra entries, Tweet about this giveaway using #kiwicrate, or post about it on Facebook, using @kiwicrate in your post.

The winner will be announced May 31st. Make sure you leave your email so I can contact you if you win!


Happy Mess Making to You and Yours!

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