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being present

Be Breezy

I was watching my daughter in the backseat of a car the other day. She had her hand out the window and was feeling the breeze as it pressed against her hand and blew through her hair. The sun warmed our heads. She turned to me and said, “doesn’t this feel so good, mommy?” And, it did. Oh, the renewing power of closing your eyes and just feeling the sun and the breeze. It struck a chord that got me thinking. Here’s what I thought . . .

I am going to work on being a bit more breezy . . .

Then, I noticed my terminology . . . “work on” being breezy. Hmm, I think I failed right there and then.

I want to be breezy in the sense of being in the present and enjoying the every day moments, but also in the sense of approaching my life in a breezier manner. I sometimes take myself too seriously. Okay, “sometimes” is really most times. I get so focused on work, so intent on making things as perfect as possible, I forget that its okay to just put small thoughts out there . . . in short, in brief, in all their breezy glory. On the blog, I don’t want to post only finely polished projects, but I want to share things I’ve been thinking about, small revelations about my life or thoughts about my family or my work. It will be just fine to post a random thought here or there when it strikes me and walk away from the computer and relax. That is just what I’m going to do.

I hope the wind is blowing and the sun is shining where you are . . .

Also, don’t look at the word “breezy” too long. It starts to look weird.

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