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Love for The Phantom Tollbooth

"As they ran, tall trees closed in around them and arched gracefully toward the sky. The late-afternoon sunlight leaped lightly from leaf to leaf, slid along branches and down trunks, and dropped finally to the ground in warm luminous patches. A soft glow filled the air with the kind of light that made everything look sharp and clear and close enough to reach out and touch."
Norton Juster
Allie and I read this passage last night and the beauty of the words, the feeling of place and the emotion it evoked had me silent in awe.

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Embellished Bangles - A Darby Smart Kit by Flax & Twine

Embellished Bangles - A Darby Smart Kit by Flax & Twine

I couldn’t be more excited about my new Darby Smart kit! These bangles are the cutest and so much fun for a night out on the town. I adore the metallic clutch, too (sorry, it’s not included)! Wh...

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Mid-Make and Other Introspective Thoughts

Mid-Make and Other Introspective Thoughts

Hi everyone! I’ve been busy, busy, busy over here brainstorming and making up a storm. One of the projects I’m working on involves this awesome chunky tinsel glitter. This just hollers “party!” t...

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