Make these DIY Shredded Paper Nests for Easter

DIY Easter Paper Nests
Photos by Aaron Dyer for Martha Stewart Living

These adorable DIY shredded paper nests are a fabulous way to present Easter goodies to your loved ones and party goers. The nests also put recycled shredded paper to good use! I adore the idea of these mini nests sitting atop a pastel napkins at my Easter table. The charming neutral palate of the paper nests against the shiny foil and color of the goodies makes me so happy.

DIY Shredded Paper Nests

When I was young, for every big holiday, my mother put a little dish in front of our plates filled with candies. This little dish of sweets became one of my favorite parts of special occasions. Literally, I couldn’t wait to see what was in the dish each year! I now do this as a tradition for my family as well. These paper nests tickled my fancy as I think they are a perfect way to provide a new and fun way to share those little holiday treats!

DIY Shredded Paper Nests

DIY Shredded Paper Nests for Easter

Small balloon
Small jar
Decoupage Finish
Shredded Paper (in kraft and ivory)

  1. Blow up balloon until diameter reflects desired nest size (these are 3 to 5 inches wide). Rest balloon on jar, knotted end down.
  2. In a small dish, mix equal parts decoupage finish and water. Brush mixture onto top half of balloon to create a guide for the nest.
  3. Lay strips of shredded paper onto glue-covered area, covering as much as you can.
  4. Dip small handfuls of crumpled shredded paper in glue mixture, and continue adding to create a full nest. Let dry overnight.
  5. Pop balloon. Top off inside of nest with additional shredded paper and fill with jelly beans, foil wrapped chocolate eggs, and other small candies.


The how-to for these paper nests is originally from the pages of Martha Stewart Living. The issue is so chock full of fabulous crafts and projects, I had a hard time choosing what to share this month! Give these sweet paper nests a whirl and go grab a copy of the latest issue for other fab crafts, projects and recipes for a beautiful Easter celebration!

Interested in seeing more of my partnership with Martha Stewart, go take a quick look-see at my Contributor Profile there!

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