Paperboard Mystery Message

I am thrilled to announce that I am guest blogging over at

up today! Kathreen has an absolutely lovely site filled with all sorts of crafty goodies and fun things to explore. I am honored to be included among her guest bloggers. She also just started producing these great mini-mags chock to the brim with all sorts of entertaining kids activities and crafts. Check the latest one out here!

So, here is a little peek at what you can make following the tutorial posted there. This special word puzzle was originally made for a sweet, strong, little boy in my life who has cancer. I de

signed this “get well” gift to have a meaningful message, be easy to do while sitting in bed and have the flexibility to play with over and over.

Original purpose aside, I think ANY kiddo loves to decode a secret message. What a fun birthday gift! Or, gift to give as a visiting friend. The added benefit is that the letters can be used for word building long after the original message is solved.

You can tell I’m on a paperboard kick here, here and here, but I’m going to go ahead and ride it out. So much fun playing with recycled goodies. And, if you want to make an exciting mystery word puzzle for a loved little one in your life, go to Whip Up and give it a whirl.

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