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A Blocking Shortcut

Well, I can always count on my mom for a shortcut – just one of the things I love about her. My mom is a doer, is always moving and if there is an easier, faster way to do something–she knows it. She doesn’t do things by the book or by the recipe; she doesn’t follow instructions. She doesn’t worry about things being perfect! What!? Where did I come from?
My mom called me after she read my blocking post –A Blocker’s Block– and offered this quick and easy blocking technique. Not quite as effective as tpins and a large surface – but it did the job in a pinch and without much to-do.
I started here:
I spritzed with water:

I ironed:
I finished here:

Great! Thanks Mom.

It worked well for the 100% cotton sweater above, and for this cowl in cotton:
But on the soft wool blend sweater I blocked next, I had to rely on the good old fashioned t-pins . . .uhh. I still dread blocking,

but it does work :).
Hope you all had a great weekend.

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