Pretty in Pink Paintings

Pretty in PInk Paintings. This one by Ryan Pickart.Do you ever have those times where all your interests seem to flow a certain color way? It seems to me I’m in a pink sort of mood, like these pink paintings. My pins are trending pink and my material selections are trending pink. I usually notice these trends in my art pins first. These pink paintings all looked so pretty together. Plus, they were so inspiring to me, I wanted to share my finds. First up, above is a Ryan Pickart painting, Odettism. His portraits are reminiscent of Klimt, with a fresh feel and mood.

Pretty in PInk Paintings. This one by Christina Baker.

I’ve shared paintings by Christina Baker before. Her pink paintings fit right in! Christina’s work is stunning. I even have an original painting of hers that I enjoy. It’s been so much fun to watch her work progress and mature over time. She is a beautiful artist.

Pretty in PInk Paintings. This one by Fiona Woodcock.

I adore this fun drawing by Fiona Woodcock. She is new to me, but I was charmed from the start. Her whimsical and colorful drawings are shared here. These drawings have a fun carnival, happy day feel. She even has one with cotton candy, of course!

Pretty in PInk Paintings. This one by Becca Stadtlander.

Becca Stadtlander’s mix between old Americana style with a modern graphic overlay feels original and fresh to me. You’ll see this mix that I’m talking about if you visit her shop. I wanted to share the prickly pears, which are so graphic and fun, and who doesn’t love a pink sky? I have one more of hers below that was too good not to add to the mix!

Pretty in PInk Paintings. This one by Jennifer Mercede.

This long pink beauty is by Jennifer Mercede. I love the range of pinks over the golden wood grain. The expression and freedom in the drawing overlay is spot on .

Pretty in PInk Paintings. This one by Andi Pahl.I started to transition to corals over pinks with this limited edition Andi Pahl print from Minted. Still, it caught my eye, plus, the addition of blue to the mix, led perfectly into this next one of Becca’s that I love, love, love.

Pretty in PInk Paintings. This one by Becca Stadtlander.Sigh – there I am on the art front. These paintings, drawings and illustrations inspire me so much. I love the talent and expression. I love that one can be drawn to different styles and mediums. Seeing them stimulates my own creativity! Do paintings inspire your creativity? Who’s inspiring you these days? Please share below!

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