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Top 10 Projects Of 2015

Well, I couldn’t resist. The Top 10 Projects of 2015 posts out there are so much fun! I was so curious to see what has been your favorites this year. The list below are the top 10 most visited projects or patterns from Flax & Twine this year. I was pleased that it’s about half knitting, half crafty, just like me : ). We’ll count down from 10 so you can get the tippy top number 1 at the end of the post. Don’t just jump ahead! Can’t you feel the anticipation building!?

Top 10 Projects of 2015

10. Gold Animal Easter Eggs I loved these sweet things last Easter. They couldn’t be easier to make either! You’ll be seeing Easter Eggs everywhere before you know it!

9. How To Knit The Linen Stitch This stitch is so much easier to knit than it looks, and obviously it’s popular with you all! Linen stitch makes a dense fabric that looks woven to me–so cool!

8. Four Leaf Clover Garland This was one of my favorites from last year. St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. Plan a great golden end of the rainbow party!

7. DIY Paper Flower Wall I think this was MY favorite DIY of the year. I love how these paper flowers turned out. They are so sunny and bright and soft at the same time.

6. Woven Hula Hoop Rug I love how this rug turned out. I have to laugh, when I first planned this project, I took an iphone photo of the colors I was planning with and sent them to my mother. She thought the gold in the mix terrible. I’m glad I didn’t listen to her, lol, I love it!

5. Fat Quarter Gift Bag This tutorial is still my go-to when I need cute little bags in a hurry. You can have four bags out of a fat quarter in 15 minutes – totally awesome!

4. Book Binding Tutorial Doing a Japanese book binding like this is so much more straight forward than it looks. You simply follow from step to step and before you know it you have a gorgeous touch to a hand made book. Try it!

3. Arm Knit Blanket Pattern I’ve been amazed by the popularity of this blanket pattern. It is as soft and lush and delightful as it looks! You can find the pattern and kits with the gorgeous yarn to make it in my shop.

2. Design Your Own Lace Knit Shawl Pattern These lace patterns are so much fun and easy to knit. I show you how step by step. Then, I love that you can take a sweet little swatch like this and transform it into a beautiful shawl with this easy-to-follow tutorial.

And now, for the number 1 post in the Top 10 Projects of 2015, . . . drum roll . . . .

1. Arm Knit Blanket Tutorial You all adore this blanket. Honestly, until I looked at the numbers, I had no idea this blanket was at the top of the list for popularity this year! Yay garter-stitch blanket! You can learn how to make this blanket in a video class with me on Creativebug. You can find blanket kits with the yarn in my shop.

You see how I tricked you with the photo of this same blanket at the top? Did anyone guess this was in the number 1 spot?

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