Spelling Bee - A Doll's Sweater Vest

Petite Purls is live! I’m so excited about this issue. I have been contributing regularly to a craft column there (you can see those contributions here and here and here). This issue includes my first Petite Purls sweater pattern, Spelling Bee – yay! This little doll sweater vest was such a joy to make. It all started because I wanted to make a sweater vest that would work for boy dolls too–only we don’t even own one! My son is a huge doll lover and it infuriates me that American Girl (okay I know it says “girl”) doesn’t make any boy dolls! Well they make baby boy dolls. But, what I want (and my kiddo wants) is a historical BOY! that did super cool things. I want to see a boy doll that scores the soccer goals, gets read to at night, and yes, participates in the school “spelling bee,” just like my son. I named this little knit vest, in honor of my middle guy, for all that he does and loves.
photo by brandy fortune

I did happen to notice, however, that the vest looks just as adorable on a girl doll as it does the boy doll. Guess what? My daughter wants one for her doll, too. I think Lucy is just frustrated she can’t eat the doll.I love the little button closure at the collar. I think they make for perfect button practice for those small 6 to 9 year old fingers.

photo by brandy fortune

The sweater vest knits up super quickly and uses only one skein of yarn. Great for a gift to the doll lover amongst your family and friends. Check out the pattern on Ravelry, if you prefer.

My plan this weekend is to get a couple of knitting projects rolling so that I’ve got things to take with me on some upcoming trips. I’m excited for an adorable beach sweatshirt I have planned that will be good for boy or girl. I’m also designing a sweet little beginning lace neckerchief for my students that I’ll just have share with you. Not to be forgotten, I have three more great chunky knit projects that I’m excited to post about, too! There is just so much to do and SO little time!

Hope you all have happy weekend plans! xo anne

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