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Sugar Dipped Marshmallows DIY

sugar dipped marshmallow-9790
Looking for a fabulous way to customize a party with a color-coordinated treat? Try these beautiful and tasty sugar dipped marshmallows. These natural marshmallows have a more “candy” like taste and have better ingredients than your typical “jet-puffed” variety. Add some simple colored decorating sugar, and voila!
sugar dipped marshmallow-9784
This treat is so simple to make and can be easily changed to match your party decor–all at the last minute, too! For my Mother’s Day Brunch , I served them two at a time in little cupcake liners on a custom-made paper cake stand!
sugar dipped marshmallow-9850
This little sugar dipped marshmallows idea came to me while I hunted for coconut cupcakes of all things. I was trying to complete the Mother’s Day Party post without having to bake a huge batch of cupcakes (I was so short on time!) Looking around Whole Foods, white, white, white . . . my eyes landed the marshmallows, yum! which, I have to admit, I love! It’s on my list to make a batch of home made marshmallows, like these lovelies from Faux Martha. hmmm . . . .
sugar dipped marshmallow-9737
But, no! I couldn’t stop . . . must execute party and move on! Homemade marshmallows another day. Sugar dipped marshmallows, albeit store bought, fit the bill for now and turned out to be a beautiful way to fill in a party table in a customized and decadent way.

Sugar Dipped Marshmallows DIY

sugar dipped marshmallow-9788Materials

Elyon Marshmallows Natural Vanilla
India Tree Nature’s Colors Decorating Sugar in Marigold Orange
Martha Stewart Vintage Girl Cupcake Liners
Martha Stewart Doily Lace Paper Cake Stand
TIP: Split sugar into a couple of containers as the sugar starts to stick in clumps over time.
sugar dipped marshmallow-9761
Easier than pie:
:: Dip marshmallow in water at an angle.
:: Dip marshmallow in sugar, rolling a bit to get sugar to stick to dipped part.

sugar dipped marshmallow-9764
:: Let dry. Sugar will adhere to marshmallow.
sugar dipped marshmallow-9487
:: Place sugar dipped marshmallows in liners two at a time.
sugar dipped marshmallow-9769
:: Display!
sugar dipped marshmallow-9755
:: Enjoy! I know my kiddos did!
sugar dipped marshmallow-9968

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