Twelve Super Simple Summer Knitting Patterns

12 Super Simple Summer Knitting Patterns

Have you been on the hunt for simple summer knitting pattners? Look no farther! This week my family and I travel to Europe for two weeks with stops in Iceland, Paris and Bruges. Right now, you can find us bouncing up and down with excitement over here! Its been over 14 years since I traveled in Europe, and the thought of sharing Paris with my family thrills me. The trip means a lot of plane hours, however, so I want to bring a couple summer knits that are light weight and easy to do on the go.

12 Super Summer Knits

I found this gorgeous Manos Serena, a soft sport weight alpaca/cotton blend, in my stash and set out on a hunt for a cute tee or tank. I think I came up with a great list of summer knitting patterns that you will absolutely love! Unfortunately, I now want to knit all of them, so that means the hard part is to choose!

12 Super Simple Summer Knitting Patterns

12 Super Simple Summer Knitting Patterns

Lina by Elizabeth Doherty

I love the classic lines of this tank. Its fully formed straps mean you can wear a regular bra with it, which I find a plus! Knit Lina in a sport weight yarn from the top down.

12 Super Simple Summer Knitting Patterns

Linum Tee by Bristol Ivy

This is one of my absolute favorites (also shown at the very top), because of its light feel and drape. The cap sleeves and fisherman’s rib along the top result in one of those quintessential summer knitting patterns. Knit Linum in a fingering/sport weight yarn in the round.

12 Super Simple Summer Knitting Patterns

Togue Pond by Pam Allen

As an aran weight tank, this summer knit isn’t a good fit for the yarn in my stash. Still, I may just track down some appropriate yarn because you couldn’t find a cuter, quick-knit! I love its simple shape and curved hem.

12 Super Simple Summer Knitting Patterns
Silken Straw Summer Sweater by Purl Soho

This has always been one of my favorites. I love the airiness in this tee compared to the others. Seamless, you knit this summer sweater from the bottom up. My yarn would change the look and feel of this piece, so I think I’ll wait until I can get some of that Silken Straw for this beauty. Isn’t that Dream color way simply dreamy!?

12 Super Simple Summer Knitting Patterns

Vasa by Diana Walla

This super simple knit makes a great travel project. Vasa’s lack of shaping would typically make me pause, but I knit a similar rectangular sweater a few years ago and it looks cuter than you might think. Knit Vasa flat in a fingering weight yarn in two pieces. Then, seam the sweater at the sides and shoulders.

12 Super Simple Summer Knitting Patterns

Pippa by Melissa LeBarre

The lace panel detail along the back in this tank charmed me. Pippa has a nice, open square neckline in front, which I love as well. Knit Pippa in a sport weight yarn in the round from the bottom up. Pippa sports an easy A-line shape that flatters.

12 Super Simple Summer Knitting Patterns

Aila by Isabell Kraemer

The lace edge along the hip creates a charming detail in this top-down sweater, shown here in a linen sport weight. Simple and classic, Aila could be a great fit for my yarn! Oh dear, I feel like I will choose every sweater I describe!

12 Super Simple Summer Knitting Patterns

Brandilyn Timber by Quenna Lee

Brandilyn’s garter stitch cap sleeves and gentle fit makes this a uniformly flattering summer knit! Take a look at the back because the adorable details along the front are reflected there–so cute! Work this tee in one piece from the bottom up.

12 Super Simple Summer Knitting Patterns

Colina by Elizabeth Doherty

This tank looks pretty similar to Lina above, only with a cowl neckline, making it unique among this collection of summer knitting patterns. Work this tank from the top down in a sport-weight yarn beginning with the draped neckline.

12 Super Simple Summer Knitting Patterns

Slope by Shellie Anderson

I love the uneven hem on this tank coupled with its elegant lines. Slope’s style transforms this simple piece into a summer wardrobe essential. Knit Slope in stockinette in one piece from the bottom up in a sport weight yarn. I love the look of it, although the arm holes seem larger than ideal for me. Go take a look at the other photos so you can see how cute it really is!

12 Super Simple Summer Knitting Patterns

Kit Camisole by Bristol Ivy

I love the back on the Kit Camisole! Knit in the round from the bottom up, it has a panel of modified linen stitch in a simple background of stockinette, which results in a nice drape. While I love the style of this sweater compared to some of the other in this list, I worry that the straps may fall off my shoulders. Hmm. I don’t like that. Have any of you knit this? Any experience with that?

12 Super Simple Summer Knitting Patterns

Spring Garden Tee by Alana Dakos

I love the cap sleeves on this summer tee. The shaping of the sweater would surely flatter as well. Worked all in one piece from the top down, Spring Garden’s simple construction makes it a winner. Knit Spring Garden in a DK weight yarn. I love it here in Be Sweet Bamboo. Also, this sweater pattern also comes in a most adorable kids version!

That’s it! I hope you’ve found a number of super simple summer knitting patterns above that may inspire you. Next, I’m off to swatch some more and figure out what I’m going to do!


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