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Sweater Weather: 20 Best Cable Knit Sweater Patterns

I am so thrilled to share this list for the best cable knit sweater patterns! Recently, I visited my friend who severely injured her knee. I found her knitting a beautiful cable pattern for an afghan blanket. She did this, not wanting a blanket, but wanting to practice cables. She knit so beautifully, I suggested that she do a sweater instead. That way, she could come away from rehabilitation with a fabulous sweater! Well, of course, I immediately wanted to hunt down some pretty ones for her – so off I went to get the best cable knit sweater patterns I could find. Here are my favorites, including The Coda above.

One note about cables is they are really much easier than you think. Don’t let stitch patterns intimidate you! The fabulous texture makes knitting much more interesting, as so many of these show! Still, if you’re interested in some more beginner-friendly sweaters, take a look at the ones with more stockinette stitch with smaller cable details. Once you get started knitting from this list of the best cable knit sweater patterns, you may have a hard time stopping! I can’t wait to see which one my friend chooses. Tell me below what your choice would be (or is!)

20 Best Cable Sweater Patterns

Rowe by Michele Wang

When you can’t decide if the weather requires a jacket, throw on this Celtic-inspired sweater coat! I love how the design is balanced with intricate cables and an oversized structure. The balance of large scale cables and smaller cables is perfection.


Coastal Pullover by Hannah Fettig

I love the simplicity of this pullover sweater. Comprised of a simple repeat stitch cable pattern, it makes it a great choice for those who are leery of giving cables a go! Plus, what a fabulous fitting garment.


Fairfield by Michele Wang

The basic A-line silhouette of this sweater lets the cable and lace detailing take center stage! This pattern includes instructions for the tubular cast-on and bind-off techniques that give it the finishing touch. I am partial to cardigans, too. I love being able to layer easily.


Milk Stout by Thea Colman

Look at the definition here – wow! It’s all about texture and depth in this rendering of the Grandpa Cardigan. These qualities are created by combing multiple types of stitches such as ribbing, slips, garter, and big, bold, beautiful cables.


Ommegang by Thea Colman

How lovely is this asymmetric pullover tunic! The scaled cables make a statement as they trail off the side of the body. The complexity of the cables sits in balance with the simple stockinette stitching on the other side. Finally, it is made complete with a turtleneck collar to keep you cozy!

Caspian by Jared Flood

This knit pullover pays homage to the classic knit gansey sweater. The yoke, comprised of detailed chain cables, makes a strong statement in contrast to the flat body. Best of all, the A-line cut and split hem, make it an easy and flattering fit for all sizes. I love it in this seaside shot!


Irish Coffee by Thea Colman

I love the classic and slimming lines of this sweater. The cables draw just enough interest to the eye. Knit from the top down, this tunic is easy to alter to your shape and size, too, by simply adjusting the length, width, or sleeves. Due to the two simple lines of cables here, it’s a great sweater for beginners to give a whirl.


Backbay by Jared Flood

There is so much to love about this pretty pullover! A minimalist take on the classic Aran sweater, honeycomb panels, crocheted bobbles, symmetric cables adorn this beauty. Placed in the center of the textured moss stitch body, the details make a statement. This is the one that is most like the Afghan swatch my friend was knitting – I think she should go for this!!


Silver Leaf Cardi by Hannah Fettig

This is another good pattern if you just want to try a little bit of cabling. I love the border on this simple, yet classic, buttonless sweater. It’s pure elegance.

Bailey’s Irish Cream by Thea Colman

This pattern combines lace and cables to create a delicate and feminine cardigan. It is light and airy because of the lacy detail, but still plenty warm due to the stockinette stitched back and sleeves. Even more, I love how the lace gives a little peek-a-boo to the color you wear underneath.

June’s Favorite Cardigan by Hannah Fettig

I think this snuggly snapshot is fitting for this sweater. Meant to be worn open, busy mama’s won’t have to worry about bothering with buttons. Simply throw it on, and let the cables detailing the sleeves and front body speak for themselves.


Gelsomina Aran by Veronik Avery

I couldn’t help but admire the detail of this sweater up close! A low boat neck line, and contemporary cut give this classic aran pattern a modern twist.


Robert by Pamela Wynne

We can’t forget the men in our lives! Fortunately, if you are female fond of this raglan aran sweater, it is a unisex pattern written in ten different sizes. In order to achieve the perfect fit for every size, it is worked flat in pieces unlike most raglan sweaters that are knit seamlessly.


Sea Sand Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hoge

I don’t know about you, but I think oversized pockets make every cardigan cuter and comfier. This sweater would be a great option for those intimidated by cables since there are only two adding just enough interest to the front opening.

Caragh by Laura Nelkin

This pattern has a different placement for cables than most, which I love! Although the cut of this sweater is boxy, the side paneled cables provide a slimming effect and which is flattering to every figure. Furthermore, with multiple options for different style hem and neck lines, you can tailor it to your taste.


Coda by Olga Buraya-Kefelian

What’s not to love about this sweater!? Whether seen from the front or back, the uniquely placed cables are eye-catching! As if the cables alone weren’t enough, the delicate eyelets alongside create a beautiful edging.


Rose by Andrea Mowry

With the option to knit in one or four different colors, this pattern adds a bit of color work to your cables! I also truly love the cut of this cardigan. The curved underarm creates an oversized fit, which is balanced by the slender fitted sleeves. I can definitely see myself draping this on nearly any outfit!


Fresco Lace Bodice Cardigan by Carrie Bostik Hoge

If you love a classic button-up cardigan, this is it. In addition, it will give you the opportunity to put multiple techniques to practice like lace, eyelets, ribbing, and (of course) cables!


Tilly Cardigan by Pamela Wynne

This cardigan will add a burst of color and style to your closet! The reverse stockinette background is decorated with floral bobbles and delicate tiny cables. If you ever need some sunshine on a cloudy day, this is the sweater to sport!


Wool & Honey by Andrea Mowry

I love how the cables create such a one-of-a-kind design in this sweater. The simple cropped silhouette allows the honeycomb motif to make a statement!

Whew! After putting together this list of the best cable knit sweater patterns, I feel like my to-do list is a mile longer than when I started – I love so many of them! What about you? Which are you longing to knit?

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