How To Make a Keyhole Tassel

How to Make a Keyhole Tassel

I’m so excited to share a tutorial on How To Make A Keyhole Tassel today. These tassels have piqued my interest for a while now. I’ve been meaning to make one to show you! But, magically, I received the opportunity to share the fabulous new book by Lindsey Campell first! She has a great tutorial on how to make a keyhole tassel right there, and she’s gracious enough to let me share it with you! If you’re looking for a regular tassel tutorial, I have one here. Or, for a great pom-pom tutorial, try here.

Lindsey’s book, Welcome To Weaving, is a fabulous resource for beginners and great for anyone who wants to try a whirl at tapestry weaving. With easy to follow steps and photographs, you’ll be weaving tapestries in no time. The book includes a number of fabulous tapestry based projects too, including this gorgeous pillow. This is high on my list to try!

I also adore this chandelier. What an incredible project this is! I want one right now!

Really, Lindsey is always filled with fabulous ideas, projects, and classes. Check out all her courses and blog at Hello Hydrangea for details! Now for the fun project!!

How To Make a Keyhole Tassel

an excerpt from Welcome To Weaving

This tassel is called a keyhole tassel because it has a large eye as the head with a straight skirt, so it resembles a keyhole. You can use a bundle of yarn, but I like to make this tassel extra easy by substituting rope for my skirt.

To begin, cut a length of rope that is double the length that you want your finished tassel to be. Choose a yarn that you want to appear as the head, and begin tightly winding it around the rope so that the rope doesn’t show through. The wrapped section of the rope should cover the middle third of your rope length. Tuck the end of your continuous yarn and then grab another length, either of the same yarn or a different color.

Fold the rope in half.

You can use the gathering-knot method or a simple knot and needle to wrap yarn around both tails of the folded rope to cover the ends of the wrapped head. When you reach the end of your yarn, tuck the tail down and cut it flush so that you can’t see the tail. You can leave your keyhole tassel with the two tails of rope still wound, or you can unwind each side and comb out the fringe for a blended skirt.

How to Make a Keyhole Tassel

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