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Teacher Valentine Bouquet DIY with Free Printable Heart Tag

We decided to give little Valentine’s bouquets to the teacher this year. Of course, I think teachers deserve flowers any time of the year, but when I saw such inexpensive flowers in the grocery store, I couldn’t resist. We made 8 bouquets for $20 – yay! I was afraid that giving flowers might be too much for my 10 and 11 year old boys, but they were all in.
Charlie wanted to give mini-bouquets to every teacher he works with and write each note himself (sweet boy!). Baillie and Allie wanted to use the cute little printable tags I made and just give one big bouquet to their main teacher. I had divided the flowers evenly between the three kids, so really, the $20 could have made 18 bouquets, sweet deal! This is all about the carnations, I think – an under-rated, charming little flower. Add a tulip or two in pretty pinks and it all looks special.
This is my first printable for you guys and was so much fun to make. Let me know if there are any kinks that need working out! You can download it here or just view it on the reader and print from here!
I love the look on people’s face when you give them flowers. I never tire of it. It seems I get as much joy out of flower-giving that they get flower-getting. More than that though, is the precious feelings you get watching your kiddos give these bouquets. Allie’s look of hopeful anticipation as she handed the flowers to her teacher, and then the pure beaming happiness in her eight year-old eyes as she reacted to her teacher’s joy, enthusiasm and immense hug was one of those keeper moments! *Sigh*

So simple and fast, go and make your own!

Teacher Valentine Bouquet DIY
4 Grocery Store Bouquets made 2 large and 6 mini bouquets
// white Alstroemeria ($4.99)
// pink tulips ($6.99)
// light pink mini-carnations ($3.99)
// hot pink mini-carnations ($3.99)
Decorative paper or Printable Heart
Hole Punch

1// Start by cutting down flowers to similar length and remove excess greens. Divide out flowers evenly.

2// Cut ribbon to 18" lengths.

3// Print and cut the heart tags, one for each bouquet. Punch a hole the top. Run ribbon through. Tie around mini-bouquet. Give, give, give!

Getting ready for that snow storm? I’ve got to dash to the grocery store. When you do this afternoon, grab some flowers to make some bouquets! Happy Valentines!

xoxo Anne

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