Creative Kiddo Love on Valentine's Day

I wanted this to be a little love note to my kids in time for Valentines Day, who all push me creatively more than they know. Regularly, Allie asks things like, “Why don’t we make a video!?” Charlie states with eagerness, “Let’s make an Angel Food Cake from scratch!” And, Baillie questions, “What if we paint it this way?” When I hem and haw, they notoriously say, “Let’s just do it, Mom!” I love how if I am open to their ideas and flexible to their whims, I, and they, can do amazing things. Sometimes, I find this really difficult as I usually have a whole list of other things or ways I’m focused on. But, I’ve been trying to be more open to going with the flow. And it has opened me up to some amazing things!
For example, when I told Allie I was going to spell out “love” in a photo for a little project. She asked, “Can I do it?” Sure! I told her to use anything from my desk. Look at this beauty she came up with above. I was so proud of her. It includes a special rock given to me from my mother and a little something to represent all my making loves: sewing, crafting, knitting, finger-knitting and embroidery. love. love. love.
Letting her do her the “love” gave me the time to create this beautiful still life while she worked. Happy Valentine’s Day!
And look, we made the cake!

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