The Greatest Gift Guide for Knitters

The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Happy Holidays everyone! I’m just making it through some last minute deadlines and turning my eye towards shopping. It’s time to put in those last minute orders, and today I have the greatest gift guide for knitters. You’ll love these gorgeous tools, kits, and patterns. They are perfect for experienced knitters and newbie knitters alike! Not to mention, I would love anything on this list, like this adorable hat kit above from Fancy Tiger – wink, wink (hoping my husband still reads my blog!)

Gift Guide for Knitters

Tools and Accessories

The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Lykke “Driftwood” Interchangeable Needles from Fringe Supply Co.

Having a set of interchangeable circular needles for whatever project you choose is absolute heaven, especially when the needles are this gorgeous. Made of smooth birch with a gray “driftwood” finish, these needles are hard working and will never leave you short-handed.

The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Quick Snip Knife Edge from Rupalee

Snip those pesky loose threads and ends quickly with this lightweight and pocket-sized snippers! The blades spring open making quick cuts with high efficiency. Of course, I love the way they look, too!

The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Knitting Row Counter from CocoKnits

With this nifty row counter, you will never have to ask the question, “What row was I on again?” It’s super convenient and works well with the next gift!

The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Maker’s Keep from CocoKnits

Although it looks kind of like an Apple Watch, this steel-plated bracelet keeps all your little tools from running away! I desperately need this when I am knitting cables. It was originally designed to hold the Row Counter from CocoKnits, but any steel accessory will cling to the magnetic face. Bonus? The wristband has measurement lines!

The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Etta + Billie Skin Balm from Fringe Supply Co.

Consider this skin balm the cure for “velcro fingertips” that can occur while knitting in the skin’s driest season of the year: winter. Plus, it smells wonderful, is made of organic fair-trade ingredients, and is handcrafted in the United States.

The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Handmade Heirloom Quality Scissors from Rupalee

I adore these artisan crafted scissors, and they will truly last a lifetime. Made of the finest brass and steel, they can be resharpened to ensure you always get the cleanest cut.

The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Porter Bin Project Bag from Fringe Supply Co.

This heavy-duty cotton canvas bag from Fringe Supply Co. has a spot to store all your necessities and easily travels wherever life takes you. I use mine as my must-have maker kit to travel from studio to home, so I have everything I need at hand. This tote is my favorite in this gift guide for knitters

The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Beechwood Needles from We Are Knitters

I’m a sucker for straight needles – they are still my favorite knitting tool. Coming in various sizes, these knitting needles are beautifully handcrafted from beechwood and are a pleasure to use.

The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Canvas Tool Roll-Up from Fringe Supply Co.

With multiple sizes of pockets, this clever roll-up carries all your tools without taking up too much space. I still have the one my grandmother made all those years ago, but it has seen better days. Made of heavy-duty waxed canvas, the leather closure adjusts to a customized size, and it’s sure to hold up to some abuse.


The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Pebble Tape Measure from CocoKnits

This handy stone has hidden talents. Smooth enough to skip across the water, it will be your maker’s favorite measuring tape. This belongs not just in a gift guide for knitters but in the tools pouch for any maker. I LOVE these and desperately want one!

The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Donut Pom Maker from Purl Soho

If your knitter is also a foodie, this pom pom maker has their name on it! Besides tempting taste buds, the Donut Pom Maker contains six wooden pieces and a tutorial booklet to create perfectly fluffy pom poms! Or, if you want to make a whole bunch at once, check out my tutorial on bulk pom poms!


The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Leather and Brass Stitch Markers from Fringe Supply Co.

Never losing your place in a pattern has never been so pretty! Packaged in a handcrafted leather pouch (no two are the same!), these beautiful brass stitch markers could easily qualify as a fashion accessory.


The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Leather Cord and Needle Stitch Holder Kit from CocoKnits

Is your maker accustomed to holding “live” stitches with scrap yarn? Have them swap the scraps for something sturdier with this leather cord and needle stitch holder. It is also constructed for knitters to be able to continue working right from the cord. This tool makes life so much easier!

Knitting Kits

The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Billie Beanie Knitting Kit from Wool and the Gang

Give a project all in one package! This kit for the Billie Beanie includes the needles, yarn, and pattern for the special person on your list to make an easy beanie that keeps them warm all winter long.

The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Learn to Knit Kit from Purl Soho

If you are shopping for a knitting newbie, this is the perfect place to start. This kit will walk them through the world of knitting from the very beginning and comes with the materials to create their first scarf out of Purl Soho’s Super Soft Merino yarn.


The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Knitter’s Block Kit from CocoKnits

Finish those prized projects with blocking. It’s important not to skip this last step, and this kit contains everything needed to make it easy! Included find foam tiles, stainless steel pins, and gingham measuring cloth for straight lines.

The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Colorwork Kit from Fancy Tiger Crafts

These colorwork kits contain four skeins of Heirloom Romney yarn– a 100% US-grown, milled, and dyed worsted wool to knit these striking patterned hats.


The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Simone Cardigan Knitting Kit from We Are Knitters

Who wouldn’t love snuggling into this comfy Simone Cardigan? I have made this sweater, and it is so satisfying to feel wrapped in luxurious knit that is made by my own hands. This is a great easy sweater kit, coming in multiple colors and sizes. It has everything needed to check “make a sweater” off your knitter’s bucket list.

The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Garter Stitch Throw from Flax and Twine

This kit is a two for one gift! They will learn how to arm knit with the How to Arm Knit tutorial and get all the supplies to create a lovely and luscious blanket to accent their decor, and keep them toasty warm all winter long!


The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

A Sense of Place from Fancy Tiger Crafts

Written by Andrea Mowry and Anne Brones, A Sense of Place combines two things that bring me lots of comfort: knitting and good food. Filled with patterns and recipes, this book is a guide for keeping your friend or family member warm from the inside out.


The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Making from Fancy Tiger Crafts

This bi-annual publication is perfect for knitters and makers alike! Some might say it doesn’t fit in a gift guide for knitters, but I think it’s a must. Filled with beautiful designs from the some of the best, it inspires knitter’s of all levels to keep creating.


The Greatest Gift Guide For Knitters

Knitting Without Needles

Finally, before my second book comes out, make sure you get the first! Knitting Without Needles is filled with patterns for cool home, gifts, and clothing accessories—cowls, totes, rugs, poufs, scarves, and more! And yes, as the title states: no needles required!

Whew! Hopefully, this gift guide for knitters makes your life easier. Get those last few folks on your list crossed off, or buy yourself a gift for a job well done!

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