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Arm Knitting

Top 12 Projects and Patterns of 2016

I’ve taken the first couple of weeks of 2017 to reflect back on the year a little. It’s been pretty exciting! The great news is that Flax & Twine continues to grow, both the blog and the shop, in big ways!

I paid particular attention to Google Analytics, which is so helpful to gather insights on blog performance. I always enjoy looking at the top projects and patterns for the year (by page views). This analysis helps me understand what you all enjoy the most. One thing is clear, you guys love fiber projects as much as I do! Finally, this list has made me think that it may be time for me to give up on non-fiber related DIYs. What do you guys think? Most of all, I want to know, do you visit me for yarn related projects alone, or do you love my crafts too? I’d love to hear more about what you want to see. Leave me some feedback below!

Also, I’m starting with Number 1. Why keep you waiting!?

Top 12 Projects and Patterns of 2016

1. Hand Crochet Blanket – This blanket is really starting to charm the chunky blanket world. I remember being so excited when I published this pattern. Then, all I heard was crickets, until this fall. Folks aren’t joking about that Pinterest lag. Did you know that most of my traffic comes from Pinterest? (Come follow my feed there.) This blanket has also been my most popular pattern in my shop!

2. Finger Knit Rope Trivet – This DIY project took off from the start. I love it when folks love finger knitting! This has been my most shared project of this year. Yay, finger knitting!

3. Giant Knit Bunny – This pattern was so much fun to design and shoot, and the photos of it still make me smile! You can find the pattern or kits in my shop.

4. Six Ways to Make Your Arm Knitting Tighter – It is I who shares this post the most. I’m so glad it is one of my top 12 projects and patterns! The post has great information. When people come asking how to make their arm knitting look better, I always send them this resource. It’s really helpful!

5. Easy Crochet Bunny Pattern – I adore these little bunnies! They are super cute and fast to make! I still want to try them as cupcake toppers – the cutest!

Arm Knit Throw Pillow Pattern - with video!

6. Arm Knit Throw Pillow – I love the luscious creaminess of these arm knit chunky throw pillows. The best part about these pillows is the companion Creativebug video. In the video, I walk you through exactly how to make them!

Stopping in the Middle of Arm Knitting

7. Stopping in the Middle of Arm Knitting – In some ways, the popularity of this post surprised me. I guess more people wonder about how to stop than I thought! (Spoiler: you really can stop in the middle of arm knitting!)

Arm Knit Basket Pattern

8. Arm Knit Basket Pattern – This is one of my favorite of the top 12 projects and patterns for the year. Taproot Magazine first featured these baskets, but enough time has passed that I can now share the pattern with you! I have kits and the pattern available in my shop, too!

Adorable Felt Doe Face Mask - No Sew!

9. No Sew Felt Masks – I loved designing these masks. All three of them are super cute! In addition, Sandy, my husband, wore the fox one for Halloween (adorable!) And, to top it all off, you can watch a video of me sharing them on my local News Station.

Crochet Bunny Buddy Blanket Pattern

10. Crochet Bunny Buddy Blanket Pattern – Gah! I still think this might be one of the cutest things I’ve ever made. Totally adorable, and such a great gift.

11. Floral Embroidery Dish Towels – These dishtowels make a great hostess gift. I’m so glad these snuck on the list. And, to be honest with you, I expanded the list to 12 just to make sure they did LOL! I am the boss, after all!

12. Embroidered Jean Jacket – These embroidered flowers were especially fun. Check out the photos – Allie, our babysitter, and I all model the jacket in this post. Can you tell who is who? Ha! I think Allie rocked the huge jacket in fine fashion. It is so much fun to add a little handmade touch to clothes! Plus, every time I embroider, it makes happy.

Finally, I hope you’re feeling happy about this year, and any goals you may have set. I’m really eager as a result of the small 30-day mini-resoutions I discussed last week. I think they could make this year rather special. Happy Making!

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