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Mini Resolutions – 30 Day Commitments for Year-Long Success

Mini Resolutions - 30 Day Commitments for Amazing Year-Long Success

Happy New Year, everyone! This year, instead of a huge year-long hope-of-a-resolution, try an experiment with me! I am making 12 Mini Resolutions. Mini Resolutions are 30-day commitments to small changes you’ve wanted to make in your life. I think it’s going to be a great way to be successful and implement some great shifts in how I approach my daily life! I’m super excited about it!

This time of the year brings such hope for new beginnings, doesn’t it? As a hard-working person that is generally hard on myself, I have attempted all sorts of new “programs” or ideas for how to kick off a new year. Many times, I’ve tried to do the typical, pick one big resolution, only to see my commitment falter 4-6 weeks later. I’ve tried other things, too.

Mini Resolutions - 30 Day Commitments for Amazing Year-Long Success

One year, I decided to finish all the unfinished projects in my closet (over fifty). I finished 17. Another time, I decided I wouldn’t make any new goals at all (Aren’t I acceptable just the way I am?) Though a healthy mindset, I didn’t like this approach much. The fact is, I like working towards things. Also, I like making lists. Better than that, I like accomplishing things, and then crossing things off my list. I know, it is weird, circular logic, but, the fact is, completion does give me satisfaction. And, if that completion that leads to overall improvement, even better.

Mini Resolutions - 30 Day Commitments for Amazing Year-Long Success

Knowing this, I decided to take a new approach this year. Enter Mini Resolutions. I am really good at committing to something for a short period of time, so why not take advantage of it. I always have LOTS of ideas about how I can improve myself. This year, I am merging the two ideas. It will be a year of 30-day experiments! A year to try many things that will improve my life, my health and my overall well-being.

Now, if its only 30 days, how is it changing things? Well, once I commit to something consistently for a month, by the end, I’ll have a pretty good sense if I like it, and if I think it’s helpful. Or, it may just not work for me. Or, I may adapt part of it. That’s the theory, at least. I hope this year brings answers, a sense of calm and better understanding of myself. Here’s the list!

Mini Resolutions - 30 Day Commitments for Amazing Year-Long Success

2017 Mini Resolutions

JANUARY – Working Out 5 Days A Week. I know, pat January answer, but still, since I blew my hip out training for a half-marathon this fall, I haven’t been exercising at all. This is an absolute necessity and a figured a good healthy one to kick things off.

FEBRUARYConsistent Work Plan. As a work-from-home entrepreneur, I experience time-management challenges. Especially as one with tons and tons of ideas and plans. This month, I plan on breaking my day into two parts, and sticking to it: 8-12 work on my book, 12-5 work on my blog and everything else.

MARCHShower/Dress/Makeup 5 Days A Week. Being a work-at-home kind of gal, sometimes I’m in work out clothes, jeans and a twice-worn t-shirt, or in rare circumstances, my pjs all day! What would my days feel like if I woke up and treated my work with the same respect I would a typical office job. How would I feel about myself and my approach towards my work if I looked like a rocking professional every day?

APRILTop 3 Priority List. I’m constantly distracted by all the things I want to do. I’ve heard how helpful it is to pick 3 priority to-dos every day. The important part of this is to assess and plan your three to-dos the night before. This month, I plan on spending 15 minutes every night getting my priorities for the next day in order!

MAY – Phone Use Only Between 2-4pm. This is a hard one, but could be so good for obvious reasons. This provides an Instagram and social media window, but it’s limited. I’m seriously going to need a lock and key! This also means that I don’t bring it to bed with me ( I do this for audio listening insomnia purposes). I’m scared of this one!

JUNE – 15-minute Meditation Each Morning Meditation is something I’ve been wanting to try for years. Everyone says it will do me wonders. I think it sounds pretty hard, but for 30 days, I think I could give it a whirl!

Mini Resolutions - 30 Day Commitments for Amazing Year-Long Success

JULY – Done List, Plus Gratitude. I’ve had this bouncing around in my head for a while. I am consistently disappointed by what I don’t get done in any given day. But, what if, every evening, I wrote down everything I actually DID do that day. I think I may be surprised and pleased at what I’ve accomplished. Add to that a little journaling for things I’m grateful for, and it sounds like a winning combination!

AUGUST – Making Art Every Day. This has long been a goal for me. I love illustration and drawing and I wish I were more adept at it. What better way to make a start than a drawing a day? Practice, practice, practice!

SEPTEMBER – Building Community. I am new to Denver and building a community has been slow going. I constantly find other things (work, kids, etc) coming first. This month, I am committing to reaching out to 3 people a week to try to make dinner, coffee, hang out plans. Seems like this would be a good way to get this community thing kick-started!

OCTOBER – No Buying Things. I want to try a month of not buying anything. No clothes, no electronics, no yarn! Sometimes, I really want to get away from the consumer culture we live in and get back to a simpler way. Don’t I have more than enough?

NOVEMBER – No Sugar. My life is always better if I’m not eating sugar. November is a perfect time to re-commit to reducing the place for sugar in my diet. I’ve learned that I can’t cut out sugar all the time, but re-committing to it for an extended period of time always helps break that sugar-cycle, which I think contributes to depression and irritability.

DECEMBER – Morning Journaling. This is another way to achieve calm and clarity that people have recommended to me. I think I managed 3 days of it at one time. 30 days sounds like a lot, but who knows what will happen if I do it consistently? And, what better thing to try during the hectic craziness of December.

What do you guys think of these mini resolutions? Can I do it? Do you have experience trying any of these? Will you join me in trying mini resolutions this year??

Whatever your thoughts on goals for the New Year, I wish you all the best for a shiny one, filled with lots of relaxing making moments. Happy 2017!




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