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Tulle Crowns and Other Goings-On

I am in love with tulle. I’m not sure I’ll ever grow out of it. I love its ethereal nature and the feeling of romance it gives. This is a tulle crown I made to fill an Etsy order. I actually had an Etsy order! This is big news for me. For all the success of my blog, and I so am grateful for my wonderful and supportive followers, I do not have a successful Etsy shop. Now, I must admit, that I don’t post everything I make and I don’t market it very well. It is an area I do not focus on-too busy making, I suppose. What do they say, an untended garden produces no blooms, or something like that. The other piece is that I hate the thought of focusing on any one type of item that I will make over and over. I like all kinds of crafts and things to make. Don’t make me choose one, I say. Still, I was thrilled to get the orders, and of course, I loved making the crowns, too.

If you have any interest in the crowns, here they are in the shop. If you want to make them (perhaps this is why my Etsy shop fails :)), you can learn how in my costume class at

Other goings-on around here include a recent Father-Daughter Dance. My daughter is wearing the dress she wore in my brother’s wedding two years ago. I think it will be retired now, which always gives me that melancholy she’s-growing-up-pause. Same goes for the sweater – though it has these beautiful crystal buttons I think I’ll pilfer :).

The two had a ball. Oh, does Allie love her daddy. It gave me great joy to send them off that night. Sandy even came home teary-eyed, cursing and muttering about the “butterfly kisses” and other tormenting father-daughter songs. I think he enjoyed every minute of it.

Elsewhere, I found this combo had landed on my studio desk while cleaning up. See how it just begs for me to make something of them. Well, don’t I just adore Lizzy House fabric. hmmm – what and when. That is the question!

I made this sweet little, lizzy house, out-foxed, cosmetic bag the other night with a crafty friend. Then, the dog ate the pattern!! Seriously! I love this bag. What fun. This disappearing pattern just means I’ll have to recreate it for you at some point. I want to make a set of five with each bag sized to fit in the one before like an ever-diminishing set of matryoshka dolls. Do have any idea how long my list is!?

Anyway, I hope your days are warming up where you are. I am looking forward to spring, for sure. Although I have some cozy things still to come, so I’m hoping it will hold off for a bit.

Boys’ bracelet tutorial and finger knitting project no. 2 coming right up!
xo anne

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