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Weave a Hula Hoop Rug!

Woven Hula Hoop Rug

If you’ve ever wanted to weave a rug, you should try to weave a hula hoop rug. It is a great project for kids and adults! I designed the Woven Hula Hoop Rug pattern a few years ago for Mollie Makes and the pattern is now available in my shop. I’m so excited to revisit this fun project!

The pattern includes detailed step-by-step photo instructions, accompanied by straightforward descriptions of each step.

Weave a Hula Hoop Rug

This would be a fun summer project to do with your kids. It is something they can work on over time and it’s a perfect project for when you all need a little quiet time in the afternoon.

I love how creative you can be with this pattern and it makes a full-sized floor rug. You just need a hula hoop and your favorite materials.

Materials Needed:

:: 150 yards of t-shirt yarn color A
:: 75 yards of t-shirt yarn colors B, C, D, and E
:: 91 cm (36") hula hoop (the finished rug will measure 30" across)

Need t-shirt yarn? Try here.
Need a hula hoop? Try here.

I used t-shirt yarn, but you can use fabric remnants, denim strips, super bulky yarn, finger knitting and more. You could even make your own yarn using old t-shirts. There are so many possibilities! I love playing with color and different weaving techniques. Every rug you make is going to be so unique.

Woven Hula Hoop Rug

The pattern makes a full-sized floor rug. It’s a fun addition to your powder room, office or a child’s bedroom – or anywhere that needs a fun pop of color!

If you love this rug, Another fun variation on this pattern is the Woven Finger Knitting Hula Hoop Rug. Use up all of your leftover yarn scraps from your knitting and crochet projects and make a super colorful woven rug. Kids love this version too because it’s two projects in one. Go back and forth between finger knitting and weaving until you have your own woven masterpiece.

I hope you’ll weave a hula hoop rug and share it with me on Instagram! Tag all of your Flax & Twine projects using the hashtag #flaxandtwinemakers.

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