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Woven Finger-Knit Rug Video Class on Creativebug

Woven Finger-Knit Rug Video Class with Anne Weil on Creativebug

Learn how to make this beautiful woven finger-knit rug in a fabulous video tutorial with yours truly! With the kids back in school learning new skills, I thought it was time to give you the opportunity to learn something new, too. I am very excited to share with you my latest video class on Creativebug for creating a Woven Finger-Knit Rug! I am always eager to share new classes with you, but this project particularly excites me because it is a favorite from my book Knitting Without Needles. It uses finger-knitting (which can sometimes be mislabeled a “kids craft”) in a truly beautiful way. Learn some weaving basics at the same time!

So whether you are new to knitting or already a prolific finger- knitter looking for a use for your balls of finger-knit chains, this class is for you! Creativebug is offering new members a 1 month free trial + 1 free class to keep forever, too! Use the code ANNEWEIL to get your bonus!

Woven Finger-Knit Rug Video Class with Anne Weil on Creativebug

After taking this class you will realize, finger knitting is a great way to engage little and big hands alike. How fun would it be to buy yarn you like and work together with your kiddo on this finger-knit rug? The result is so squishy and fabulous, and each time you sink your toes into the thick yarn you will be reminded of making it together!

Woven Finger-Knit Rug Video Class with Anne Weil on Creativebug

Here is the official class description and what you will learn:

Combine hundreds of yards of finger-knit chains to create a plush, one-of-a-kind cotton rug– no knitting needles required! Anne Weil teaches you the basics of finger knitting, then shows you how to make your very own weaving loom out of simple craft materials. You will learn how to weave your finger-knit chains to make a gorgeous, striped design and finish the rug with decorative tassels. Finger knitting is a fun activity for all ages and a great way to introduce newbies to knitting. Get the whole family involved in the project and you’ll have finished rug in no time.

Learn how to:

  • Create finger-knit chains
  • Make your own loom and shuttle
  • Weave finger knitting chains
  • Change colors to create stripes
  • Join yarn lengths
  • Finish rug and add tassels

Once you join Creativebug, you won’t go back to regular old YouTube tutorials! These videos are top notch professional quality with beautiful imagery. You’ll find the videos shot in long form so you can follow along and make the projects with ease.

Other video classes I have include: Five-Strand Braid, Arm Knit Cowl, Arm Knit Pillow, Arm Knit Garter Stitch Throw Blanket, Crochet Stones! I hope you will join me in the learning fun! (Not to mention the great pieces your make in the process!)

Woven Finger-Knit Rug Video Class with Anne Weil on Creativebug

Finally, are you looking for other fabulous finger knitting projects? Try here or here or here or here. Happy Making!

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