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Making the Bed - One of Twelve 30-Day Mini-Resolutions

Hey, all! I wanted to give you a little update on my 30-day mini-resolutions. Today is National Make Your Bed Day, so all the better to share my September resolution today with a sneak peek of my bedroom while I’m at it!

Deciding to make my bed every morning in September has made me pleasantly happy. Making beds is not my thing. I usually just jump out and get started with my day. It’s ridiculous because it just doesn’t take that long. I do keep it simple with just two shams, a few decorative pillows, and of course, a cozy arm-knit blanket! But oddly, completing this small task every day makes me feel incredibly prepared and organized, ready to tackle the day. Do any of you find that?

I just upgraded to gorgeous Crane & Canopy white Belgian Linen bedding, which also makes me unreasonably happy. I don’t know when I grew such an affinity for linen, but it’s there. It feels so soft and natural. And, if I’m honest, I’ve adored hem stitching since I was a little girl. It always meant the fanciest stuff was about to go down, and I loved it! You typically see hem-stitching at a gorgeous table, but seeing beautiful hem-stitched linen on my bed, makes me giddy.

So September has been a 30-day mini-resolution success with making my bed. I joined some other friends with a little blog hop for National Make Your Bed Day. Go check out their beautiful beds: Emily At Jones Design Company, Kristi at I Should be Mopping the Floor, and Camila at Effortless Style

As for the rest of my 30-day mini-resolutions, I did have a bit of a sputter as I have come to my book deadline, departing intended resolutions and replacing them with things that just needed to happen. I moved from productivity back to health, replacing my planned July “Done” List with doing my physical therapy exercises every day. Ten minutes of physical therapy made for an annoying, but effective July, reducing my body pains (back, hip, etc.) a lot. I replaced my planned August resolution with sticking to a new anti-inflammatory eating plan for a month. That has been going very well! I’m actually on day 70 of that now.

Since the beginning of the summer, I have lost 20 lbs, lots of inches, and most importantly, I’m feeling healthier. Between the better eating, meditating, and needed physical strengthening, and now making my bed, I am feeling ON IT! All of this on-point sensibility is necessary as I face down my book deadline of October 1!!! So excited, but I am feeling under pressure.

Try making 30-day mini-resolutions. Start with something small, like making your bed every morning; it may just transform your entire life!

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