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Woven Patterned Bracelet

Woven Patterned Bracelet

The Woven Patterned Bracelet from my book Weaving Within Reach is a beautiful combination of hard and soft. The delicate woven fabric layered on the copper cuff makes it so special and fun to wear!

This gorgeous bracelet is woven on my Flax & Twine 8" Hand Loom and it uses Habu A-147 Cotton Gima Yarn. The yarn comes in so many elegant colors – I love picking different color combinations. There is sure to be one to match your personal style. These cuffs also make wonderful gifts.

Woven Patterned Bracelet

When you make this bracelet, you’ll learn how to warp and double warp a frame loom, create shapes in your weaving and overcast to finish. I’d consider it a slightly more advanced pattern, but if you’re an adventurous beginner, the pattern in my book will walk you step-by-step through all of these techniques. You’ll learn so much from this one small project!

Make your own with the new Woven Patterned Bracelet Kits that are now available in my shop! The kits include all of the materials you need to make two cuffs and you can include a loom and/or a Weaving Within Reach book if you don’t already have them. There are five beautiful color combinations to choose from!

Each kit includes:

:: 13 yds of Habu A-147 Cotton Gima in color A
:: 8 yds of Habu A-147 Cotton Gima in color B
:: Tapestry needle
:: 2 rose gold clips
:: Sewing needle
:: Small clippers

Optional items include a Flax & Twine 8" Hand Loom and Weaving Within Reach.

Woven Patterned Bracelet

Once you learn how to make shapes in your weaving, you can make so many different variations of this cuff. You can create flowers or stripes or abstract shapes. It’s so much fun to experiment!

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