Flax & Twine Hand Loom Kit

$ 78.00

Make all sorts of lovely small weaving projects with this small loom, lovingly crafted by hand. Loom measures 8" X 8.5" and has 5.5 notches per inch (5.5 EPI or 5.5 dent).  The weaving area is approximately 7" x 7". The loom kit comes with weaving needle, beater, shed stick, sample warp thread, and instructions on how to warp your loom. Made in beautiful cherry. 

Use this loom to make beautiful wall hangings or lovely pattern squares.  

LOOM KIT INCLUDES: Weaving Resources Guide, which is a great introduction to weaving and using the Flax & Twine Hand Loom. The guide includes instructions on 1) Winding A Skein of Yarn, 2) Terms & Tools, 3) Warping A Loom, 4) Loading a Shuttle, 5) Weaving Process, 6) Finishing and Hemstitching, 7) Troubleshooting Tips

This loom is a replacement for the Hokett Would Work Loom which is not being made anymore. I used a small loom for multiple projects in my book, Weaving Within Reach.

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