Lykke Driftwood Interchangeable Knitting Needles Set

$ 125.00

I have tried many different needles and when, encouraged by a friend, I first tried these, I knew I was totally in love. I want everyone to have needles this beautiful and this easy to use. 

The Lykke Driftwood needles are made of smooth, hard birch. They have a lovely variegated gray finish that I adore, with perfect tips. The black metal endcaps have the sizes etched into them along with smooth and flexible the black cables that attach really well to the needle itself. Also available in circular needles individually!

This set includes 5" tips in 12 sizes, US4-US17. The needles come contained in a grey denim fold-up case with a large pocket containing 5 cords (two 24", two 32", one 40"), 4 keys, 2 cord connectors and 4 stoppers.