Savannah Open Weave Placemat Video

$ 10.00

Add a lovely set of open weave place mats to your collection of table linens. The texture of the fiber, whether it's tow linen or the cotton lanyard yarn, adds interest to this simple design. The pattern uses a mat-board loom so no need to buy a loom!  I love that these are made with a made loom that you can use again and again. This is a fabulous beginning weaving project, super fun to make for all ages. Video walks you through every little step!

Pattern Requires:
:: 25 yards warp, 20 yards weft PER Placemat (45 yards per placemat)
:: 24" x 13 7/8" mat board loom
:: 3" x 13 7/8" mat board which you will cut for a shed stick and shuttle
:: Flax & Twine Pick up/Shed Stick
:: Clippers
:: Washi Tape
:: Pencil
:: Sharpie knife or sharp scissors
:: Ruler
:: Open Weave Placemat Step by Step Video

If you are looking for the written pattern (and 23 other awesome ones), it is available in Weaving Within Reach.

Would you like a kit where I send you absolutely everything you need? Find it HERE.