Teeny, Tiny and Small Crochet Star Garland Pattern

$ 6.00

I love these sweet crochet stars! The pattern is FREE on my blog, but I wanted to give you the chance to buy a PDF as it's annoying to deal with patterns on websites sometimes. I love this pattern, because you can make a string of them or you can make them as single ornaments. These stars are great for a tree, or a decorative window, or to top packages or add to bottles of gift wine! Or, hang from your bulletin board to remind you to feel like a star!

Pattern shows you how to make Small and Large stars. This pattern is great for any weight of yarn, so have fun with it!  Stars can range from 3/4" to 8" depending on the yarn you use. 


170 yards of fingering weight makes apprx 24 large, 24 small stars with 3" of chain between

Interested in kits for Teeny Stars (Valdani Size 8 Thread), Tiny Stars (Fingering Weight), Small Stars (DK Weight), or Giant Stars (3mm Flax Cord), click the links.