Woven Hula Hoop Rug Pattern

$ 6.00

Don’t you just love to create something from almost nothing?  Grab some t-shirt yarn or raid the local thrift store, then find a hula hoop and you'll have all you need to make something amazing.  This easy woven rug is the perfect project for an inexperienced weaver – no fancy loom required!  Make this together with your child and catch a thrill as you see it grow and transform. You’ll learn how to make the loom, complete basic weaving, and do a more advanced wrapping technique called Soumak weaving. Color, pattern, and texture happen organically as you mix and match material and techniques. Weave the rug over time or knock it out all at once. Then, place the rug in just the right cozy spot to remind you of that beautiful something you made together.

This pattern is a PDF download that includes detailed step-by-step photo instructions, accompanied by straightforward descriptions of each step.

Materials needed to complete your project:
:: 150 yds t-shirt yarn in color A
:: 75 yds t-shirt yarn in colors B, C, D, and E
:: 91cm (36") hula hoop (the finished rug will measure 30" across)

Textiles used in photo:
:: HiKoo Tee Cakes in colors cream, grey, orange, yellow, and pink

But, for extra fun, make your own yarn using old t-shirts!

Looking for t-shirt yarn? Try here.
Looking for a hula hoop? Try here