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2016 Photo Calendar + DIY Wreath Gift Wrap

Makr Calendar-3170-2

Hi Everyone! I’m wanted to share a couple of things with you today. First, is the gorgeous 2016 Photo Calendar I just received in the mail from I have to admit, I squealed with delight as I looked through it. Honestly, I think we all forget how nice it is to see our photos off of our phones and actually in print! I highly recommend it. Second is the sweet, DIY Wreath Gift Wrap that I made to go along with the lovely photo calendar. I adore eucalyptus and don’t these mini-wreaths just hit the spot for a beautiful and natural holiday feel.

DIY Wreath Gift Wrap

The 2016 photo calendar is my husband’s Christmas present (here’s hoping he doesn’t read this post!). I filled it with all my favorite photos from the last year; some of the kids, and some of our favorite places in Baltimore (still missing it!). The calendar comes printed on 130lb paper, matte, and I love the font. It feels substantial and stylish. This 2016 photo calendar is perfect for anyone with an iphone photo-taking obsession to give. The hard part is choosing what to print!

2016 Photo Calendar

Lucky for you, there is a tag sale going on through Monday for all goods, just use the code Tag20 for 20% off. Makr has loads of other beautiful printed goods, including Holiday cards and custom made totes and tees and the like. Holiday cards are definitely on the docket for this weekend. It will feel good to get those crossed off the list!

2016 Photo Calendar

You will all laugh at my laziness for the wreaths, but it was so cold and icy outside, I couldn’t bring myself to go get my floral wire from my “studio” garage. Instead, I improvised with a stapler to make them. There’s nothing like necessity for a good hack! The DIY Wreath Gift Wrap couldn’t have been easier – here’s the tute!

DIY Wreath Gift Wrap

Wreath Gift Wrap DIY


Bunch of eucalyptus
Stapler (want this gold one for Christmas myself)
White paper

Wreath Gift Wrap DIY

:: Bend about 8" of Eucalyptus branch in a circle and staple closed. You can do this across the stems and with a leaf or two. Try to sneak the staple under another leaf so you’re less likely to see it. You can also use floral wire to twist around the ends similar to my mini bittersweet wreath DIY here.
:: Cut 6 pieces of worsted weight yarn about 1' long. Knot all six strands at the top. Separate the strands into three groups of two.
:: Braid the strands to desired length. Knot the other end with an overhand knot. Trim tassel ends to same length as top.
:: Tie tassel on to wreath with a knot or bow as desired.
Wrap your gift in white printer paper, and tape the wreath to the top of it with clear tape. Easy peasy!

DIY Wreath Gift Wrap

Hope you’re all recovering from your Thanksgiving belly.

This post and the 2016 Photo Calendar was sponsored by

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