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Finger Knit Yarn Gift Bows

Finger Knit Yarn Gift Bows DIY

I love these easy finger knit yarn gift bows. What a festive way to give your hostess or holiday gifts a handmade, lush feel. I like to make these easy candied nuts for giving. I make a huge batch and package them up to have on hand to grab as I run out the door. My mother used to make these when I was little and they just feel like Christmas to me. I have shared the recipe before. Here is a plain version and a version with grapefruit zest, which I love.

Finger Knit Yarn Gift Bows DIY

This post is all about how a simple bow like this can give your gifts an extra special feel. Making these finger knit yarn gift bows is a great way to involve the kiddos in your gift-giving, too. Finger knitting is a fabulous way to keep small hands busy over the holidays, or calm your brain for a little easy making and escape. These bows are made with a two-finger knit strand and couldn’t be easier to do. See the full DIY below.

Finger Knit Yarn Gift Bows DIY

I just love how luscious and snowy these look!

DIY Finger Knit Yarn Gift Bows

Bernat Roving Wool in Rice Paper

Finger Knit Yarn Gift Bows DIY

Finger Knitting with two fingers:

:: Bring wool over your forefinger and around your middle finger, leaving an 8" tail hanging between your thumb and forefinger.
:: Wrap yarn around your forefinger.
:: Bring yarn under and around your middle finger (you will now have two strands across each finger, including the tail of the yarn).
:: Lift the lower strand on your middle finger over the upper strand.
:: Bring the tail between your middle finger and forefinger.
:: Wrap the yarn around your forefinger and then, around middle finger again.
:: You should have two strands on your fingers again. Repeat lifting the lower strand over the upper strand on each finger, beginning with your middle finger.
:: Continue finger knitting until you have a strand that is about 1.75 yards.

Finger Knit Yarn Gift Bows DIY

:: Finish off your strand when you have only 1 strand left on each finger. Cut the yarn about 10" from your hand and thread that tail under the fore finger strand and the middle finger strand. Tighten. Weave this end into the end of your strand.
:: Repeat this process for as many bows as you want to make.
:: Fold the strand back and forth in your hand in about 4" loops.
:: Make a good thick bundle in your hand with the finger knitted strand.
:: Take an extra piece of yarn and wrap around the middle of the bundle.
:: Then, form a loop in the yarn and bring it over the top of the bundle.
:: Repeat this a few times.
:: Tie off the yarn. Attach the finger knit yarn gift bows with a piece of tape to the top of each jar. Add a tag to your jar for easy giving.Or, use additional yarn to attach the bows to a package!

Finger Knit Yarn Gift Bows DIY

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