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A Yellow Jeweled Bracelet - a year of handmade gift

I hope you all had a fabulous Mother’s Day weekend. We had a ball over here, starting with a latte brought to me in bed! Along with it came piles of handmade presents–my favorite! They followed that with a beautiful hike, plus time for me to make in the afternoon. We capped the day off with a family bike ride to get diy root beer floats at the local grocery store. We don’t have an ice-cream store close enough to bike to, so we make do. We bought the ice-cream and root beer and carried our own cups and spoons in a backpack. yum.
I mentioned almost a month ago! that I had made each of the kids a bracelet as a gift for Easter. Things have been crazy over here, so I am just now getting around to writing up the tutorial and DIY instructions, which you’ll find below.
This is the bracelet I made for Allie – blingy, bright and sunshiny, just like she is. I purchased this gold trim back in December when I was doing all the jewelry for 24 Days of Glam but never got around to using it. Well, I couldn’t resist putting it on this yellow ribbon. I added a flashy faux diamond button to add to the bling and complement the jewels in the trim.

I actually made a matching one for myself and am wearing it right now with a thick gold chain bracelet. Very fun. As always, these little bracelets are easy to make. You can get everything at your local craft store–no jewelry “fixings” required. I found the trim in the JoAnn Fabrics ribbon/trim section.

This gift for Allie is part of my commitment to give only handmade gifts this year. There will be lots of ideas throughout the year for all kinds of folks. My brother is coming up next so keep your eyes peeled for a good handmade “man” gift. For other great gift ideas, please view the a year of handmade gallery by clicking the button below.

Here is the DIY for the jeweled bracelet.
3/8" ribbon
embroidery thread
jewel trim
elastic cord


Hem 1/2" of the the ribbon, sewing with small stitches.

I do this in a square to make a stable and sturdy end of the bracelet for the “clasp.”

Fold a piece of elastic cord to form a loop large enough to go over your chosen button, but not so big it will slip off.

Sew the elastic to the ribbon that has been doubled over, making sure you come up through the elastic at least a few times to secure it to the ribbon.

Whip stitch around the elastic to provide a nice cover over the elastic, then trim excess length of elastic and threads. This is the under-side of the bracelet.

Cut your trim to desired length, keeping in mind that you’ll be turning over 1/2" of the ribbon at the end for the button. I like these ribbon bracelets fairly snug around the wearer’s wrist. Align trim flush against the end of the ribbon with the elastic attached. Sew trim to ribbon.

Continue to tack trim to ribbon, securing both sides of the trim and allowing the bracelet to bend as you sew. I did one side first and then came back along the other.

When your trim is fully secured, remeasure around wearer’s wrist. Hem 1/2" of the ribbon (as above) to provide a secure place to attach the button.

Sew a button of your choosing to the newly hemmed ribbon edge.

Finis!! It’s that easy.

I’ve been doing lots of post planning and designing, so there are lots of exciting goodies to come!
xo anne

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