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alarm clocks

Banish Your iPhone From The Bedroom + Stylish Alarm Clocks to Make It Easier

bird alarm clock

Would you like to know what stylish alarm clocks have a to do with taking care of myself? I know that being the best mom I can be is about being the best me I can be. You know the story: better eating, better exercise, better sleep. I’ve been telling myself these things for years. I know the things I should do, but its so hard to actually do them! Well, I recently heard something that resonated with me. What would I do to make things 10% better? Hmm. . . . this sounds doable. I like this idea of incremental changes. Let’s start with sleep. Sleep is an enormous part of being and feeling healthy.

basket weave blanket-8115

I’ve struggled with sleep for years. When people say they sleep through the night, honestly, I am amazed. I don’t even want to tell you how much I am up during the night. I am aware of a handful of things that are supposed to help in the sleep department, including going to bed at the same time, getting up at the same time, not working out 2 hours before bed time and banishing both TV and your iPhone from the bedroom! Apparently, that little screen doesn’t do you any favors as you’re trying to get your body to dive in to REM. Still, my phone is my constant bed time companion. And, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I check the time, then my email, then my IG feed, because this is important at 3:00 in the morning! Whoops! before I know it I’m wide awake.

basket weave blanket-8089

So here’s my change, I’ve decided to banish my phone from my bedroom for good! This step feels like a great 10% move (though it feels more like a 90% . . no phone!) The problem is, no phone leaves me with no way of knowing what time it is. I need a clock to tell me that at 2:30am when I’m waking up, I truly should try to go back to sleep (not get out of bed and start blogging!). I’ve put my foot down on bringing back the black and red digital number that I gave up years ago. It’s time (haha) for something functional, yet pretty and modern. So, here’s a little review of stylish alarm clocks that caught my eye.


bird alarm cock plain

Bird alarm clock $39.95 Apparently, this one wakes you with an easy little tweet. A subtle wake up appeals in my chaotic life. A good friend of mine has it and swears by it. There’s a little light to help read the small digital time on the other side of the bird. Very cute!

blue alarm clock

Blue retro alarm clock ($49.95) I love the color of this clock. It’s charming retro design has me smitten as well.


Vintage style alarm clock ($69.95) Clean, classic and beautiful. I love this clock. It reminds me of the one my Grandfather used to bring to our house when he visited. That one was heavy and solid and dependable (kind of like my Grandfather). Could I dare hope that this would have that same heft?



square woodend alarm clock

Square wooden alarm clock ($12.99) I love the modern feel of this wooden square clock. The digital numbers are subtle, especially in white. The square shape is unexpected as well . . . tempting!

ECVISION Classic small round silent clock

Ecvision Round Wood Alarm Clock $23.99 I like this clock a lot. It boasts no ticking, which is definitely a plus. This one comes in a very pretty walnut, too. It also has a nightlight.


soundbot radioSound bot Alarm Clock $29.99 This may be my favorite because it kills two birds with one stone. It has a blue tooth enabled stereo, which makes me pretty happy. It also has date, time and temperature. I love the wood, as well. It seems inexpensive for all that it offers.

I am leaning towards the blue tooth clock. But, I do dig the little bird. Which is your favorite?

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