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Embroidered Monogram Napkins

embroidered monogram napkins-2871

Here is the embroidered monogram part of my napkin/napkin ring project. Yesterday, I showed you how to make the napkin rings. This tutorial is for the embroidered monogram on each one. I love the simple personalized touch this adds to a holiday table.

embroidered monogram napkins-3048

Embroidering napkins for the holiday has the added benefit of labeling napkins for individuals for the weekend. If your house is like mine, you have guests descend for 3 or 4 days at a time. I love the idea of providing each guest with their own custom made napkin for a number of reasons:

1) You can reuse napkins without feeling like you’re passing germs to everyone.
2) People love anything with their monogram on it.
3) The hand made nature of the embroidered monogram will make every guest feel like a million bucks!
4) They are just darn pretty!

napkin rings-3094
embroidered monogram napkins-2932

Here’s the other thing that’s fabulous. Each napkin takes about 5 minutes to embroider, but the embroidered monogram napkins LOOK incredibly intricate and involved. If you pick a simple script with a consistent line, you’ll breeze through them in no time!

embroidered monogram napkins-3091

Choose a range of embroidery thread colors to add an extra bit of personalization and variety to the bunch.

embroidered monogram napkins-2846-2embroidered monogram napkins-2916

So go on, make your guests feel like you’ve spent hours and hours on them with this simple DIY. These embroidered monogram napkins will make everyone smile.

Embroidered Monogram Napkins

napkin rings-3033

Favorite font
Linen napkins
Air soluble marker
Valdani Size 12 Embroidery Thread
Scissorsembroidered monogram napkins-40
:: Print monogram in chosen font (this one is Quickpen) in size 48 pt. Tape monogram to window. Tape napkin on top with monogram in the corner about 1.5" from the bottom and 1" in from each side. Or, use whatever transfer method you find easiest – or freehand it!
:: Copy monogram on to linen with water soluble pen.
:: Using doubled embroidery thread. Back stitch along monogram letters.
:: Weave thread through stitches at the back of the work. Repeat for each napkin.

embroidered monogram napkins-2994

Happy Holidays!

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