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Caught My Eye: Original Oil Paintings under $300


I’ve had this spot in my house that is just begging for a beautiful painting, an original oil painting, not a print. Don’t get me wrong, I love prints and my house is full of prints from artists whose work I love. But I’m getting to the point where I just crave the real thing, the paint strokes, the texture, the original. But, original oil paintings always seem so expensive. I need affordable!

I decided to stop using that as an excuse and go out and look for art that I can afford. I’m figuring that a painting will last a lot longer than a few pairs of shoes. So, here’s a little round up from me of original art, all for under $300, that caught my eye.

Abstract Seascape by Lavelle24 ($185) (above)


Bird by Chance Lee ($90)


Clouds and Sky by Tracey Nicholas ($285)


New Horizons by Emily Jeffords ($300)


Swimmer by Susan Seaberry ($300)


Landscape by Pamela Munger ($48)

It’s fascinating to me how personal art is. It’s all so dependent on your the color palette you love or something that just speaks to you in the shape or form or feeling of the piece. Inevitably, the one I love, the hubby has no interest in – hrmph. I thought so many of these were pretty, colorful, calming and uplifting. Which is your favorite? Why does it speak to you? Can you guess which one I bought?

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