Day 8: Rhinestone Barrettes - a diy hair accessory

Once I started making jewelry with rhinestones, I couldn’t stop. Let’s just say that this won’t be the last time you’ll see them. I mean there’s just something about all that glitter and sparkle that gets me all giddy. So why not a little more bling for your hair? These are those little mini-barretes, not the big ones. I think they are a perfect holiday outfit accent. Or, who am I kidding, just right for every day glam.

They are easy to make – super quick. Why not make them in every color of the rainbow?

Barrettes (find in the jewelry-making section of your craft store or click this link.)
Rhinestones (in the trim section of your craft store)
DMC 5 Cotton Pearl Embroidery Thread
Time: 20 minutes each

Measure and cut the number of rhinestones required to cover the barrette from end to end (in this case, 8).

Start by holding the barrette in your hand with the rhinestones on top.

Wrap embroidery floss in between the first and second rhinestone four times, making sure the end gets caught underneath your loops as you go.

Continue to wrap between each rhinestone carefully going around the obstacles of the barrette. When you get to the middle, use a needle to get under the arched part of the barrette.

When you get to the end, turn it around and go back the other way, wrapping 3-4 times in between each stone on the way back as well. Try to keep a similar shape to the wraps between each stone. See how my wraps start out wide, go down the middle and then go wide on the other side of the stone. This provides a consistent “triangle” of wraps in between each stone.

When you get to the beginning again, finish off the end on the underbelly of the barrette.

Trim the ends, done. Now, repeat with the other barrette

These are so cheery, aren’t they? The red and the sparkle makes me really think of Christmas.

Hope everyone is getting lots of holiday shopping done and things crossed off your lists. This is what I’m needing . . . a much crossed off list of to-dos) Will someone give me that for Christmas?

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