My One-Year Blog-aversary and a Give-away!

Oh my goodness. In all the jewelry craziness, I almost let this day go by unnoticed. This is my One-Year Blog-aversary!! That is amazing to me. I am so grateful. One-year ago, I hadn’t even started blogging. I had no idea what this was going to be. It still is evolving every day. This blog tumbles out of me with a life of its own. But I love it.

My original goal was to have a protected space where I could find my own creative voice. And, boy, I’ve done that. Of course, it morphs and changes with everything I make and the world that I take in with my ever-roving eyes. But, I feel confident that I create beautiful things, and I am so happy that I give myself the time and the space to do it.

I’ve thought, at times, about how to turn this in to a money-making venture. But, inevitably, that stresses me out. I put all sorts of pressure on it that was never supposed to be there. So I’ve backed off of “trying” to make something of it and decided to just let it keep growing naturally. Read: keep the day job. I might change my feelings on this at some point, but right now that’s how I feel.

I hope for lots of new creations, loads of new opportunities and many many more beautiful moments in my life. I know they will come.

As a celebration of my anniversary, I’m going to give away each of things pictured in this post that I’ve made over the past year. Leave a comment with why you enjoy my blog and which item you’d most like to win. A girl deserves a little blog-flattery on her anniversary, doesn’t she? The giveaway will be open until December 15th. I’ll pick the winners randomly and and announce the winner then.
Oh, and if you don’t want any of the items featured above – feel free to leave a comment anyway. I’d love to hear from you!
Bunny Love: DCarlson
Love Heart: SmilingWoman
Button Hair Bands: Elaine
I’m happy and excited for you guys. If you email me at flaxandtwine (at) gmail (dot) com, I’d be thrilled to send these goodies on to you. Probably after Christmas, but soon thereafter! Thank you all for your gracious support!
xo Anne

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