No-Sew Braided Yarn Napkin Rings

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These braided yarn napkin rings are one of those projects that had no plan until I was playing with yarn and boom! I happened upon a project I love. In fact, I had planned pressed metal, copper napkin rings (also very pretty – will show later!). But, I’ve been arm knitting with this gorgeous 100% wool Merino yarn from Manuosh and my brain must have worked out these little diddys without my realizing it.

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I love napkin rings and these are especially endearing because of the introduction of fiber to the table. I love the idea of the softness among the solidity of ceramic plates and rigid table. Also, you can’t argue with the pretty peach.

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If you notice the beautiful embroidered monogram, great eyes! I planned on showing you the yarn napkin ring tute today and the instructions for the embroidered napkins tomorrow.

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I love that the yarn napkin rings don’t require any sewing at all. It is just a matter of some simple braids and folding. All you need is a little bit of yarn – the thicker the better. If you don’t have big fluffy wool, just use multiple strands of a thinner yarn.

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No-Sew Braided Yarn Napkin Rings


2.5 yards of Manuosh Yarn per ring (15 yards for 6 rings)
Linen Napkins
1 bunch eucalyptus seed

napkin rings-3133napkin ring braid

:: Cut three 30" strands of yarn (or multiple strands if you are working with a thinner yarn). Leaving a 4" tail, knot three of the strands together.
:: Braid the three strands in a standard braid for 14" or so.
:: Knot the other end with an over head knot.
:: Trim ends, leaving a 4" tail. Repeat steps for each desired yarn napkin rings.

napkinring how to

:: Fold strand in half and lay napkin on top of strand.
:: Bring tail ends through the loop.
:: Tighten and adjust loop.
:: Add sprig of greenery underneath all the yarn napkin rings created.

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