Fall in Baltimore

It’s hard for me to believe that we have come one full turn of the earth here in Baltimore. It is starting to feel more like home. . .just barely. There’s something about having things happen again in the same place that starts to make it all feel more real. Watching the leaves change, seeing mums at my doorstep, going to Ravens games and attending fall school celebrations are all making it sink in that we are really here to stay. Though I was truly sad to see the warm, humid weather go (who knew? Sandy is horrified that I may never want to return to the mountains!), the fall in Baltimore is gorgeous. We’re still walking to school (the saddle shoes are truly broken in now, whew!) and taking long hikes through the woods to watch the leaves fall.

The warmth of the sun even encouraged this run through the creek this past weekend. I’m hard pressed to put into words how much joy we all got out of this romp. The laughter and giggles, barks and splashes that filtered up to the bridge where I stood to watch made my heart sing!

I hope the fall mood is building where you are, too. I hate to admit the fact that Halloween doesn’t really do it for me, but there it is. You give me changing leaves, crates of crisp, tasty apples, fall blooms, luscious pumpkins, warm colors and I’m in love!

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